Monday, March 14, 2016

{Marchin' On through March}

Thankful this week....

that our awesome sitter Frankie was available, so we could go out on a much needed impromptu date night.

for Matt's love of sushi. We went out Friday night to a newly opened spot by the movies, and although our server Kim was AHMAZING (and comped us on a few items!), Matt's sushi taste buds weren't happy ;) So off we went on Saturday afternoon to his old work area to Sushi Ya. And there my friends, we had sushi. Worth the 45 minute drive each way :)

{these were from our Friday night date- yes that sushi is on fire! Fun right!?}

for Under Armours ADORABLE toddler clothes!!
So my momma heart has to break a little here because I secretly vowed my kids would never be "that" kid in sweats or workout clothes- always preppy and classy.... until Harrison wouldn't  let me dress him anymore in 1st grade :) I shifted. {Hannah loves her girly girl dresses and wears all things dressy to every occasion.} But now with Hudson, he is ALL boy & classic polos and cute shoes & custom resells are SO lost on him (and maybe I am getting more chill, a tad lazy in my ebay stalking of said custom resells & smarter with the green stuff ;)).  

 Thankful for a free trip to the Children Museum with the fam jam.
 {Loved that we got some free family pictures outta the deal too & can not wait to see them once the sweet lady sends them! One was with all 5 looking the same direction, with real smiles, and colored pom poms flying through the air! Pure Joy!} But for now... Big H's head in a Trex skull is all we got

 for Harrison's 1st baseball practice going super well. Matt met the coaches and loves them. He loves how much time they take with each player learning certain techniques and the encouragement they shared with Harrison.
{Parents, you know the struggle is real. Sports are awesome- they teach such great life values like teamwork, getting along and meeting new friends, while getting better athletically too- BUT the coach makes or breaks it.. and we have had a lazy coach year 1, a great coach year 2 and now year 3... we were really hoping for even better this time around since the league shifts at this age range and the stakes are a bit higher... and week 1 was awesome, so here's to real prayers that this team of coaches will encourage, inspire and help model good characteristics for our son.} #ittakesavillage

{Little sis cannot handle the late practice}

{This was my group's treat at our recent field trip to Navy Pier's IMAX theater. Seriously delish and split 5 ways wasn't THAT much of a calorie killer ;)}

Thankful for peace in the journey :) Sleep little lovers and fighters. They love hard. They fight hard. They sleep hard. Let them sleep. Oh, please, let them sleep. 

Thankful for a new bible study, a block from home! We are reading an NIV version of the NT, and it reads like a book- no margins, side notes, verse numbers etc. And in 40 days we will have read the NT. Excited for new fellowship!

Thankful that the mop of hair you see above with Hudson is GONEZO baby! 
A trip to PigTails & Crewcuts was pretty successful. Hudson still despises the buzzer, but he let the lady do her thang & was not sweaty and red upon departure, like last time :) 

Thankful for DONORS CHOOSE!! My donation request of $1300 worth of goods is FULLY FUNDED!! By total strangers, when I was completely Doubting Thomas. 
I figured, I have the ability to request stuff.... so I will.. the prayers were real yet some days wavering... and then literally on a hard day ...on a day that Satan was attacking my heart in very real ways... this news popped up.... God's hugs are real. And needed. And come in unexpected ways on the most needed days.. 

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