Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Happy Monday!!
I love what a new fresh week feels like
I hope your week started off well today.
The week of thanksgiving is here!!

-Thankful for : a hardworking hubby! Each day he fights a crazy commute in the crazy chicago weather to provide for us.
-Thankful for the power of prayer. Please pray with our community for a missing man. John Cunningham junior. The story is unreal. Google for more info & please pray. Real life tragedy never seems real until it's close. And this is too close. Same small town that we live in. "Missing"flyers with his photo & reward info are plastered everywhere.
-Thankful for hannahs heart. She learned the sign for "I love you". We were driving & she's like " hey mom look". I looked back & she's holding up the sign. With a big smile. Precious.
-Thankful to have no sports this winter! we are sick of saying snd feeling that "were too busy" and we are in charge of our commitments - Soo no sports besides the gym until baseball in April
-thankful for my moms labor of love & baking for family. Our house smells amazing!
- thankful for hudsons love of his sitter miss Maggie.
- thankful for my great substitute gig just miles from home
- thankful for only 6 days til advent
- thankful for cinnamon snowflake coffee straight off the farm in Hawaii!! It's very good & I think away the snow & cold & bring back the sounds of the ocean, with each sip :)
- thankful to have had a short yet very sweet visit with a bestie cousin! Havent seen her in years, haven't talked to her for years too - but it's like we just picked up a convo from last week!! Love heather feather!!

Enjoy family & friends & food this week!!!!!

 Cousins :)XO

Photo Credit: Hannah Banana

This is how our kids get brought to bed. So nice and calming right? ;)

 Loved this encouraging post I re-grammed from IG.

 My Frozen Princess #Target we love you

 Last week's Bible Wrapping

Hannah got to join Hudson at Miss Maggie's last week. Fun with Puzzles!

Preschool is AWESOME :)

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