Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Aloha! 980-990

this blog comes straight from Hawaiian paradise!!

Thankful this week for:
980-Chad & Martha Griffin...awesome friends. Awesome encouragers.
981- an awesome parent teacher conference for Harrison. Our hearts are full. He is such a good kid!!
982- Dustin & Kamilla - our taxis to the airport ( it took 2 vans lol!!) and they brought us Dunkin!! Yum.
983-safety as we flew to Hawaii
984- Steve Jobs: the invention of the iPhone & ipad really made our 9 hr 14 minute flight great!
985-thankful that Hudson rocked that crazy long flight!! Like seriously!! He snuggled & ate & watched & played & even slept!!!
986- lysa terkeursts book Unglued ( it was only 99 cents for a kindle upload- you gotta get it!!!)
987-our car seat cover- it's a massive bag that southwest sold us last trip - We flew united this trip- charges per bag (southwest I love u more!!) sooo my bags are always always over that crazy 50 pound mark lol - sooo car seat bag to the rescue-we can stuff it full ... For free!!
988- my dads awesome time share purchase- love this resort & our view
989- family together time
990- hudson licking salt water & laughing out loud

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