Monday, November 17, 2014

1,000 Gifts! Multitude Monday 990-1000!

Happy Monday from a cozy sunporch, watching snow flakes fall...

My goal of capturing 1,000 blessings will have been reached by the end of this post. How awesome is that!? I hope this has encouraged you to find joy and be thankful for all things...

990- Enjoying 7 sunny days in Hawaii. Despite our phones indicating we would get storms while there, the weather was sun and sun and sun! So awesome.
991- Enjoying food from food trucks! Seriously - too fun! We got food from 3 different trucks but the Shrimp Scampi from Giovanni's was amazing. Google them! Giovanni's North Shore Shrimp Truck.
992- Harrison & Hannah being super social and making new friends each day by the pool.
993- Determination. I love that when both kids tried to make new friends- it would normally go like this " Hi- do you want to play with me?" Sometimes the answers would be no. And as a mom, I'm a little crushed ...really? You don't wanna play with my kid? You must be loco. Clearly that was inner monologue- never spoken ;) I watched as our kids would hop from kid to kid or group to group & keep asking. They weren't phased at all. They had courage. They had determination. It totally paid off. By the end of the week each pool we passed we knew several families.
994- Puddlejumper floaties. Hudson's best friend.
995- Dinner out with new faces, left dinner as great friends.
996- The words of the captain: "Looks like we will be arriving to Chicago early folks. Instead of 8 hours and 13 minutes, we plan to arrive in 7 hours and 30 minutes." Wow. Every.second.counts. {The kids rocked that flight too - the placement of seating is key just in case you wanted to know. I booked our seats in 2 sections of 2. So Hudson Hannah & I were in the last 2some, of the plane. Matt & Harrison were in the 2 seats in front of us ( Harrison loved the massage Hudson gave with his cray kicking spells at times ;) Oops!!) The way back of the plane is my comfort zone with kiddos- close to bathroom. Close to massive galley to walk around & get loads of juice and CAFFIENE for me ;) and the engine noise is intense- which my kids love! {And hunny!} all in zzz land after a movie and snacks... and snacks and snacks :)}
997- Thankful for getting an awesome new advent book in the mail from my auntie Jack, looks amazing- like most things Ann Voskamp does!
998- Bibles! The bibles that were ordered - came in full force! 25 boxes of 20... and last night some friends at church unwrapped each one, stuck in a label and an insert, rewrapped them in red paper, and reboxed all 500- so they are ready to pass out next Tuesday at PGM!
999- My brother's new blog: {I am super excited that he left FB- sorry FB-ers, but I was an addict, and watching other's precious time go down the FB drain makes my heart actually hurt!} So without any of my intervention {promise!} He got off FB but created a blog for friends and fam to stay in touch about his life... take a peek!
1000- Patriots gear... leaving the beach to head into frozen Chicago was intense! 20 degrees when we landed! Patriot hats were waiting! Love them! Love Dustin who has the heart of my dad. Mwaahh!!


This blog has done my heart so much good. To find joys in the unexpected. To sit back and read each week's blog really encourages me! There is so much good in our every day life.. there is so much God in our every day life... even in those *sigh* epic mom fails.... I hope you will find the good & the God and move past those "fails"... allow Him to chisel you and create the best YOU possible! I'm excited to blow 1,000 Gifts away and keep thanking God for many more blessings. See you next Monday for 1,000-1,010 :)

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