Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hawaii photo dump part t-w-O

Sleeping angels 

 He loved the pool!!

 Trying our best to make Jaws

 Our last day there, we went a couple resorts over, to Aulani, the Disney resort and enjoyed a Character Breakfast. This was for Hudson, but Hannah loved it maybe even more!! Hudson is completely all smiles whenever we see or hear Mickey's voice on so this with a "real" Mickey- was too good to be true ;)

Too cute right!? The food here was UNREAL. 

Hudson's flight home. Hannah is on the floor beneath him- totally passed out. (The flight attendant came by  during landing and was like "the seat belt sign is on". I told her my seat belt was on and she looked at the floor and walked on. PHEW. We made it without waking either kiddo up!!!)

 Our daily view. Nai'a Pool. This was our kids' fave hangout. 

 My brother's awesome gifts to us!!

Take time to smell the flowers

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