Monday, July 28, 2014

Heaven is for real ...Multitude Monday 820-830

Monday... the last Monday of July... seriously!? This summer feels like it's in fast forward mode.

820-Thankful this week to live just 45 minutes away from a VERY cool city. I love summer time in the city! We drive downtown every weekend, and we love love love the crazy hubbub of Chicago. And ohh the food joints...yum!! Our newest fave is a hole in the wall {those are always the best!} italian ice place...

821- I love having Harrison home. He is such an awesome helper & good big bro. He is such a tender dude.

822- I love being a stay at home mom! ( This is such a God thing, as I truly never ever ever thought I could embrace NOT working!)

823-Thankful this week for family date time with the DVD "Heaven is for Real"
We enjoy reading the kids the book & we enjoyed the movie. Every time we can make the joys of heaven real to our kids... it feels like success! What a great hope we have.

824-Thankful that ministry Sunday was on... Heaven! And the reality that our loved ones who are there, are worshiping NOT worrying and rejoicing NOT regretting.

825-Thankful for Randy Alcorns book "Heaven"

826-Thankful that our dear friend, who was plagued with cancer is now in a heavenly healthy body in... Heaven!

827-Thankful for the 9 fruits of the spirit - learning about these is really humbling. I can put a mental check by a couple "fruits"... but to too many I fail. Patience is my fruit to specifically target right now.
828-Thankful for my dad's gravestone being done & installed

829-Thankful for free slurpees - you gotta upload the 7-11 app :)

 830- Thankful for missionaries abroad. Please pray for my dad's cousin Mark & Lori Procopio and their activity for God in Aningas, Brazil. Satan is active. Prayer warriors unite.


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