Monday, July 7, 2014


Multitude Monday is here... and this week was hard & yet joyful all at once.

790- Thankful.. in the "storm"...a heartbreaking story- yet we are to be thankful in all circumstances... Our dear friend Jenny who passed away is in the arms of her Savior & can rest in bliss. Please pray for the Groothuis family, from Marian Iowa. Jenny, left her husband Brad & 15, yes that's not a typo- 15 kids. It's one of those times when a text pops up and "did you hear about Jenny" and then another one "can you chat" all it said, and I knew. Something was wrong...seriously wrong...and the unthinkable happened...she is gone... and that beautiful family- begins a new journey as their mom watches from Glory. Please pray urgently and with great expectation for their family to feel God's tender love all around them in every decision that they will make. Please pray about donating to their family.
*Donations can be made at her memorial site:

A song we have enjoyed this week. Ernie Haas and Signature Sound "Sometimes I Wonder". It's on Youtube. Verse 2 and 3: 
(Talking about Heaven)
Do you ever see the sights and think
this must be some fantastic dream
can you wrap your mind around the things you see?
Or is it more than you can comprehend
to think today will never end
and all is peace and joy eternally

When you entered Heaven
did you walk or did you break into a run?
Even though you'd never been there
did it feel like home already?
Were you welcomed by the Father and the Son?
Did you bow in humble reverence
just to stand there in their presence?
Did they take you in their arms in sweet embrace?
Oh, sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I wonder.
I wonder, sometimes I wonder, I wonder.
Ooo, sometimes I wonder.

791- Thankful for encouraging news of amazing answered prayers. Marriage is for better for worse and for keeps ( Family Life Radio) and when a couple goes through hardship, its soo hard and soo heart breaking, and seems so unreal. But then when they mend- that also seems so unreal when you see or hear the things that were done, it seems like the unforgivable. What a merciful God we have, that prayers can be answered and a powerful couple can be back together, serving God. Pray for marriages. Satan is looking for those he can take down. Stand firm & pray without stopping.

792- Thankful for new summer books for me... the Respect Dare- 40 days closer to God & your husband ( Sounds too good to be true! I am on day 3, and I have appreciated it so far) :) I love the still...silent...dew on the grass mornings. I love the sunrises, when the littles are still happily snoozing & I can watch a new baby bunny hop around the back grass ( I love where we live!) and I can hear the pool pump & that's all.... just still quiet time with God. "It's not quiet time it's happy time". ( I read that somewhere & I loved it :))

793- Thankful for another sleep motivator to keep the above mentioned littles asleep during those wee hours ;) Hannah has done much better with sleep, then she shifts back to waking up 2-4 times a night. If all she did was wake up, alone, in her room that would be great! But she gets this sleepy bear awake at all hours = no bueno! Introducing...THE SLEEP FAIRY ( maybe it has been mentioned on my blog before?)... amazing Pintrest idea ( but we are not using the Sleep Fairy book & she knows it's me, but it's still cute :)) ... it's high maintenance, yet I'm hopeful in 21 days, the length of time to begin a new routine, she will have sleep mastered!?!

794-Thankful for a fun week of summer activities with just me & the kids! The zoo was our highlight this week. A zoo with a stroller and 2 walking kids = no hand for pictures

795- Thankful for a wonderful BBQ -Americana- Rustic themed reception for our newly wed couple Ben & Veronica.

796- Thankful for a 4 day week for Matt. We {love} when he is home!

797- Thankful for Amazon Prime... 2 day shipping is pretty much amazing & an awesome way for this mama to get retail therapy during the afternoon endless nap time.

798- Thankful for Gospel meetings that began here Sunday. Childhood memories of Gene and other preachers in a tent in MA every summer ( it felt like!)... and now my kids can hear him. So blessed. So encouraged. Pray for salvation!

799- Thankful for an unexpected graduation gift this week. Love happy mail!

800- ( wow 800!?!) Thankful for Ann Voskamp's encouraging blog. "You are doing something great with your life – when you’re doing all the small things with His Great love.
You aren’t a citizen of here working your way into heaven. You’re a citizen of heaven working His Way through here."

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