Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mulitude Monday & Birthday Excitement

Happy Wednesday! It feels like it should be the weekend. The week was BUSY & AMAZING :)

Multitude Monday Thoughts:
*Thankful this week for an awesome week at VBS. {Note to other moms- when you leave your kids at other churches besides your own, it is super helpful to stick around to hear what goes on.... Hudson & I did each morning...and it was a great way to ensure the Truth was proclaimed or if there was some differences in teaching we could redirect after}

*Thankful for one on one time with Hudson. He is such a mover, and loves playing outdoors. He loves munching on munchkins as we yard sale & he loves singing and clapping. His happy personality and love for snuggling {new thing & I adore it!} is so special.

*Thankful for the Respect Dare ... I am at Dare 16, and I have really enjoyed this growing process. Not only do the stories and daily devotions/advice help with my marriage - they are changing my heart, which helps every relationship

*Thankful for Harrison's desire to follow God's desire for baptism.

*Thankful for Dustin's desire to help out at Pacific Garden Mission. 

*Thankful for ice cream dates with Mimi.

*Thankful for time to dig out dusty boxes of my birth mom's stuff. So so so so so so special to see old family photos, read letters she wrote, read cards that she got, learn about her accomplishments & to learn more about what an amazing mom I had.

*Thankful for dad son dates.

*Thankful for an encouraging Sunday & a baptism of two very special teens.

*Thankful for a list full of expected friends to attend Hannah's big 4th Frozen Bash. We are so blessed & she is beyond excited! One more day!



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