Monday, July 14, 2014


800- I love Mondays. I love the new week vibe & the "I can conquer anything" feel ...on a Summer Monday especially :)

801- Thankful for "Weird Animals" VBS theme at a local church. There were 259 kids today- 1st day... and they had over 100 staff members ( that's amazing!) and wow, organized to a T... loved it!!

802- Thankful for night swimming with "the teens"... I am loving the positive vibes and love of life that teenagers have. I was there before... not too long ago :) and oh how I love reliving it now as a 31 yr old

803-Thankful for tent meetings. {Week 2}

804- Thankful for consistency.

805- Thankful for a husband who gives his all to our marriage and family
We {heart} Dave and Buster's Dates when it's too wet for outdoor fun!

806- Thankful for saying no and setting up boundaries. Another Ann Voskamp quote that I love- "Invitations are options, not requirements". How often I feel that I say yes so much and then I wonder why in the world did I over commit and stretch myself and our family too thin? There is power in saying no to some good things to save ourselves for the greats ( From Randy Alcorn). 

807- Thankful for meatballs. {Our church does a weekly meal after the morning services on Sunday, and we all stay and eat together....Matt & I had main dish & decided to whip up Matt's amazing meatballs & Friday night after the tent meeting we were up til midnight, cooking & laughing and stinking up the kitchen with garlic and 400 handmade, handrolled meatballs...we discovered that cooking them in the oven was super fast & they turned out super moist & soft compared to the stove top seered was a love tank filler for us both}

808- Lincoln Park Zoo Date with friends

809- My mom's stockpiling habit. I never knew I would appreciate her storing ALL my stuff until this week. I had the awesome aka daunting task to clear out a closet of STUFF of mine from college and high school... Wow, did I enjoy that trip down memory lane! Baptism cards, notes from people who have passed away, every RSVP card from our wedding was saved, and I loved reading each decline. Engagement photos, the list goes on... so special & although I purged 98% of the stuff, the 2 % is so special & I am so thankful she kept it all.

810-Peace of mind & peace that our current path is most def God's plan, and we are enjoying that!

PS: The official Frozen Birthday Party is 8 days away! Our princess will be f-o-u-r...what!?!?!!
The official body change challenge ala Hebert/Hill mode, will be complete on November 7 when we fly the insane 9 hr flight to Oahu... Join us as we get CRA CRA CRAZY the next few months :) I will try & post some fitness/eating tips that are tried & true.

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