Monday, August 4, 2014


It's August!! As bitter sweet as it is to see leaves actually already falling from the trees, I love love love this month. I love that my dear husband was born in this month (August 1) and that he was saved in this month    (August 19) & that we were MARRIED (August 21) in this month! I adored planning our wedding ( will be 10 years on the 21st!)~ woot woot~- every single detail was a blast... so August is great... minus the passing of my amazing dad & my mom ( amazing how the "bittersweetness" of life is real..... it brings the dark cloud... but only dark for me when I let my selfish heart get the best of me. It hits me hard when Hannah is singing as she plays " Mimi and Papa, Mimi and Papa" - totally random, totally unaware that it creates a pang in my heart for her to have met Papa and to have sung that joyful made up tune to him. I love letting my imagination go wild- why not? For those joyful times, I can imagine my dad smiling from Heaven and humming along with her. I can imagine him seeing Hudson's curly hair and just loving how much he looked like Dustin and cousin Ethan... I would have loved to meet my mom.I love that they are enjoying zero dark days in Heaven.  My dad is experiencing streets of gold, without streets of bumper to bumper traffic each day to work, or people to people crazy lines at security each day at the airport as he traveled. The bliss of being with so many loved ones up there and his Heavenly Father, has got to be just ... ___________? How can that even be described!? I have no words. Just awe. Just wonder. Just pure excitement to anticipate that for real, for myself someday!

830- Thankful for fresh farmers market goodness
831- Thankful for tasty gluten free crackers
832- Thankful for football officially beginning tonight ( Harrison's ready! I am a wimp & the thought of others colliding with my precious breakable son is almost inhumane?! ... but it's the American dream right!? yikes America! )
833- Thankful for fun brainstorming about a new business venture
834- Thankful for Hudson's awesome sleep. Last night he was showed his 1st signs of "not wanting to go to bed" with gusto.... and literally 2 hours later, after many attempts to sneak out of his room, pat his back, sing etc and then finally to be firm and just walk out, I caved and rocked him... the whole way to sleep ( gasp- every book would tell you not to do this- but life is not a book- it is real- it's a gift! ) and let him completely snuggle in my shoulder and as I felt his arm just totally go limp - I still rocked him and just thanked the Lord that he has given us 17 months of amazing nights, and one crazy night is not going to rock our world
835-Thankful for Amazonprime... I discovered they do school supplies too- except for the fun stuff like folders lunch box etc- that requires a date trip together to Target :), all the school stuff was at my door in 2 days... amazing. 
 836- Thankful for Grace Hope Hebert. Her big third birthday is tomorrow, August 5, and we are enjoying that she is in our family. We love her loads & are excited to share many more birthdays with this little sweetness.
837-Thankful for Harrison & Mimi yard sale dates
838- Thankful for such a fun sitter- Sarah we L*O*V*E you :)
839- Thankful for My Little Pony roller skates and leash from Memere & Pepere :)
840- Thankful for GROUPON- $4 for a $10 Dunkin giftcard!

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