Monday, April 10, 2017

Southwest Spring Break

Spring Break for the kiddos began Saturday 4-1 with them, and our fearless leader, going south to visit family...

Here are some great memories that they all had... and although it was painful to 1- not be there for all these amazing memories... and 2-see the SUN in every single picture, while it was pouring here....their hearts were full, the days were packed...the sunburns have faded to beautiful tans... & they are home sweet home now 😍💗💗💗💗

Sunday shots at church

Ready for church and white as white can be... love how those white cheeks got sunkissed that week...

Endless fields to run in 

Birthday celebrations continued

 Oh this face. eatable.

 Play hard, sleep hard. 😴

Love that we have an amazing gym not only here in IL - but that our card gives us access to Lifetimes countrywide! 
 Because AZ kiddos were not on break, the pool was all Hebert every day! 
 {Aubry bros joined the fun in the sun}

 And of course they had to stop at the fave AZ gas station & amazing donut place... QT each day 
 Maple Long johns are a must! 😋
{this dress is one of my faves for Spring... thank you Children's Place}

Oh AJ's... T.H.E best grocery place ever- best service... best selections of fancy stuff... and their drinks...ahhh.... AJs was the AZ dunkin when we lived there... Green Iced Tea for 1.50 each day... multiple times a day.. yessss.... and this iced coffee .. I can taste it from this pic!
Their  black iced coffees always had a hint of hazelnut... and sooo tasty... 💕

 {Matt was impressed at how well Hudson did at the childcare there.... maybe it's the sun and warm weather that makes everyone nicer ;)}
 Dad and Hudsie Lifetime date without the big kids!

My inlaws were super intentional about having one on one dates with our kids, and I really really loved that -as Hannah and Harrison's top love language is quality time & our visits with them are way too infrequent...... from IHOP, to nails, to coloring, to Boss Baby movie & hot tubbin', bonding time was all in... 

Matt met some new believers who took him out for supper one night... these plates are soo picture worthy & drool worthy!!

More fun in the sun...


Headed H.O.M.E!! Hoorayyyyyyy

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  1. Looks like they had so much fun! I'm so jealous of all that warmth and sunshine.