Monday, April 10, 2017


Thankful that last week as my tribe was cruisin' around AZ and catching rays.. I was able to enjoy the quiet times at home & God kept the scary noises at night to a minimum 😎😍

Saturday night before we had the cooking crew come over... I was mopey... annoyed...sad... having a great time with a car pity party... 😩I pulled it together to run into Aldi to grab all the fixin's for that night... my day was already running behind but none the less I was super looking forward to that night & pulled it together... got out of my van to see an 80 yr old lady almost done with her cart.. Aldi's policy is that each cart is a quarter, so I gave her the quarter, and took her cart...  I literally shopped til I dropped... came out no joke like 30 minutes later... that sweet lady is standing outside her car still... what!?!
Long story short. Her key fob battery died once she did the trunk ( her groceries were safe inside) but not her!
It was a VW.
Called Dusty.
He shared a way to MaGuyver my way inside to open her car! It worked!
 Her son in law was annoyed that this sweet lady didn't answer her phone... haha... of course he was... I could see me acting that way too with my own mom- oops!- but then we got her in... she gave me a huge hug, with her tiny bony body and said God Bless You... it literally felt like an angel... I needed a physical heaven hug that day and it came... its SO crazy how God takes care of every single need... mind blown for the zillioneth time...

Sunday I got an impromptu ( literally he jumped outta the car at a stop sign to invite me for dinner) dinner date... it gave my heart a boost & it was obvi delish!
{#weekendssoloareaBUMMER, without good friends}

Monday was fast... I vowed not to stay at work past work hours, as it could literally consume me.. sooo I embraced a sushi early supper date solo with good intentions to and be still...
but truth be told.. it was super depressing staring at an empty booth... no matter how much I tried to read and write... I scarfed that sushi down and booked it to the nail salon! It was exciting to have a date with the sweet ladies at a local church for Bible Study... we are using an Emmaus study guide on 1st Peter- and it's soo helpful to have a guide to fill in verse by verse, topic by topic... with links to other scripture... highly recommend ...

Thankful for a fun week at school using whatever ways possible to get Easter, Chicks & Bunnies involved

Our STEM challenge of how to catch the Easter Bunny  after reading this adorable book...
( I love their pyramid magnatile carrot inside!)
 My egg-sellent bunny catchers

Thankful for Dunkin's donations.. amazing how cute munchkin boxes can be with some Easter coloring

Thankful for these breath taking sunsets!

Thankful that although our van had issues this week, I was able to drive the beast to work, and not hit any potholes ;)  And even though our van's issue was not covered by warranty, it was not as costly as it coulda been....

and so thankful that even though my crew was delayed an hour on arrival night
( not so bad when it's a normal time, but when it went from 12 am pickup to 1am pickup, all sorts of tired eyes poppin' out!!) they made it HOME sweet HOME...

 Rock painting

 {Beauty and the Beast}

More Sushi... this time WAY better company 💚💛

Swing for the fences baby!


 When Groupon tempts you... you go...
When you're riding down the highway racing a sick corvette ( not technically racing racing ;), and you see your bro behind you... you stalk each other and meet up ...
On the must eat menu ....Funnel Cake Sundaes 

I love this... messy hair dont care...noone's posing but one... hannah's spinning around... ice cream about to spill... lots of calories being digested... and I am snuggling on little lovebug!! Look at his teeny fingers... oh that boy...

Windy City sights.

Inspiration for today : 
Song of the week: Thank you Frankie!!
Cause of Christ
Kari Jobe
Sing it and Surrender


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  1. Bummer you didn't make it to Iowa...but you know God has His reasons! I love your Easter classroom activities- and what a great idea to use munchkin boxes as baskets!