Sunday, April 2, 2017


This week was F.U.L.L! 
So much fun. So much to be thankful for! 
Thankful for a fun celebration for Hudson's 4th Birthday! 

 Thankful for baby Al snuggles.
 Thankful for sparkler candles that won't blow out

Thankful for the tastiest cake ever! It was a new to us spot... and they nailed it!!

 Thankful for Oriental Trading- these cups were WAY better than advertised... they were at least 6 inches tall - massive volcano cups... so so fun!

 Thankful for birthday bedtime snuggles

Then tuesday I was driving to work, the Holy Spirit answered my prayers for "what do I do with the teens who are sleeping over Saturday night"... I was super duper excited for a service project idea that we were going to do..and then I walk into my classroom to see that the janitor had a temper tantrum... and I literally broke down... why is Satan so stinkin' close all the time!? Thankfully my principal is legit legit legit... and handled it.. for the upteenth time... here goes to hoping for no more tossed chairs and stolen Welcome mats :(

Then I get home to this.... 
My supporter... my biggest fan.. my bestie... this guy gets me through and through. XO 

Thankful for fun, engaged learning time

 Thankful for a boy who sleeps anywhere
 Thankful for these laughs

 So thankful for the wonderful idea to buy Harrison concert tickets as a Christmas gift... totally so fun to look forward to Toby Mac from Dec - March!! And the day finally arrived!! Cold, wet gray day... was brightened by the amazing hours of worship... sadly the openers were SO SO SO good, and SO long that we only saw 3 of Toby's songs, before we called it a night... but we will stick through it next time :) The together time was so special and he ended the night by telling me when he has kids he will take them to Toby Mac too ;)

 Here is my rapper man ! 

Thankful for my bestie at work's son Jack joining Hudson on Friday :)

Thankful for daily inspiration.

Thankful that Matt got chosen as one of the chaperones for Harrison's outdoor adventure camp in a few weeks!!! And the fact that Harrison is so so so excited to have his dad come along... I love it.. I know the time may come sooner than later where it's uncool to have your parents tag along.. so we're lovin' it while it's here 

Thankful that my tribe made it safely to AZ... 
The kids are at such great ages for traveling, and with proper toys, snacks and tech devices, the 3:45 trip was flawless according to dad... even if the security lady tried to steal Hudsie's sippy cup... tears from both Hudsie and Hannah ( oh this girl's heart is just so so precious!!) made that saga even more interesting ;) 
Here is our super picky eater just destroying my mother in laws AMAZING homemade meat sauce and spaghetti... 

 Thankfully the sweet teen girls ( missing 4), were kind enough to come over for the night to cook for others! These girls are beautiful inside and out and I am so excited to watch them grow for the Lord. It was so special spending time with the younger generation and seeing a glimpse into how they roll...

Here is the "encouraging note station"... to say that esther and suzy rocked this... is an understatement.. literally 2 hours of attention to detail and heart felt notes...

The cookie packer  & tray greaser.... Miss Ashtyn

The heat of it duty... Jenna and Casey making the sauce... for this dish

 Frankie and Mar made sure the cookies were not burnt, the noodles were al dente and the dishes stayed tackled...

The goal was to feed 6 families... 
Each family got: 
This casserole ( thanks to pioneer woman) 

a veggie side, a container of cookies. lemonade, crescent rolls, napkins and a  couple love notes...

It took about 2.5 hours... and all 6 meal bags were done!! It was flawless.. these girl's hearts to serve, to laugh, to help, to listen, to be goofy, to sing, to do hair....  ahhh... such a joy to be around...

Our 1st delivery was my across the street neighbors. They were blown away... and it was just so awesome... what better way to spend a Saturday night.. oh man.. Thank you Lord... 

Thankful for leaving home ON TIME for church... how is that even possible with one shower, 2 mirrors and a bunch of girls? They are rock stars... 
Arriving to church 25 minutes early... Holllla! 

Here goes a quiet week... full of me and God time... less doing ....more listening to Him... loved the practical ministry Sunday about making sure our character is blooming and growing...and sometimes that happens best in the stillness with the Lord... and folks... I have 5 days of just that... stillness... and then Iowa for a weekend.... and my Spring Break!! Woot Woot!! April how I love you!!! 34th Birthday Countdown... 21 days!!!

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  1. Love the volcano party! And love the joy on Hudson's face.
    Ummmmm, are you kidding me with the janitor?!? 😑Glad your principal is helpful.
    Awesome, awesome idea to cook with the girls! What a fun evening, and what an encouragement you are. Way to go!
    And if you want to pop in at my house, I will most definitely give you some cake. 😉