Monday, April 17, 2017


Thankful for late knocks on our door by our across the street neighbors bearing easter treats. I love that we have a special bond, and that they shared with us how to say He is Risen in greek :)

Thankful for a supportive hubby who is patient during my annoying self centered days. There are many. And this week was hard, as it was my Spring Break, and my friends from work were all away somewhere glorious, and I was home... and of course it had to hail and rain...

On the flip side,,. I was thankful that I was able to be a stay at home momma this week - perks are great, especially the ones where I know Hannah has her hair done ;) Loved how it was Picture Day that week too- so I got to doll her up a bit!

Thankful for Easter devotions all week... I know we celebrate the resurrection every single time we worship- so why it always is extra special around Easter is beyond me, but it is.., and I loved it.

Thankful for Hudson's success with swim lessons.

Thankful for beauteous weather for opening day baseball and softball parade & game.

Thankful for dinner with the whole fam, even Mila's brother Peter.
{Seeing little Al in itty bitty green khakis!! ❤}

Thankful for an exciting new meal plan and accountability partner... follow these peeps on Insta

Thankful that my birthday is the next "holiday" to look forward to

Thankful that Matt was able to track down a fellow believer from PGM who we have MISSED over the past year, bring Big H to work with him on Good Friday and be blessed by an amazing choral group from Indiana all afternoon!

Thankful for Fellowship Friday.

+Photo Dump+


 My daily coffee date 


 Picture Day!

 The one plant we keep alive! Basil!
 It was neat how when I trimmed the dead leaves some new little sprouts just popped up, they were being held down by the dead ones... I totally took that random lesson to heart,,,,

Hannah's softball team is adorable, and on picture day night they got together to make posters for the parade... she ran into her girl scout peeps, twins Ella and Savanna .

 PGM's Good Friday guest choir

 PGM gave Matt hundreds of plastic eggs... and our Hunny Bunny was more than happy to stuff!!

 Fellowship Friday

 Resurrection Rolls for the kiddos craft! 
SO FUN, YUMMY & they WORKED... as in the marshmallow representing Jesus, was melted, so it really showed that He was gone, and this momma was awe struck at the simple, delish visual. 

 Parade Day!

Gym after the parade, and Hannah was like Spider woman! She is so strong and did so well climbing!

 Cubbies for the WIN! #killedthem #thisgamedidntevencount 

Easter Morning
 Amazon for the win again... 100 rainbow generic bullets, but they fit Nerf for 9.99

XO Friends,

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