Monday, October 3, 2016


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Thankful that our week 1 of change went very smoothly.

Thankful that we can give all credit to God for literally helping us all be okay with change.
Hannah's tears Sunday night, had our hearts in pieces, but Daddy's girl has done very well and loves getting her hair done each day by hairdresser Mary :)

Thankful for our school's 1st cross country meet. There's the leader of all the schools- our 6th grader Brandon!! Wahoooo!!

 Thankful for snuggles for Hudsie after a long day at school.

 Thankful for moms who help. Love Hannah's bestie, Hannah's family & love that they can ride to gymnastics together each week :)

Thankful for Thursday night. Do you have a day or night that you just love?  I love Thursday nights. Normally no lengthy commitments, just fam jam time....
 It means one more sleep til Friday...
 I love hearing about Harrison's soccer practices which are on Thursday... 
I love that football comes on... 
I loved that this Thursday was 66 cent coffee day at Dunkin... 
I loved that while we were cheesing on selfies, Matt was passing out Bibles at PGM's graduation. 

Thankful for a stinky food friday day :) The kids loved it, but man, my room smelled so bad!!
(Little did I know that hard boiled eggs should be odorless unless they've been cooked too long. Oops!)
Humpty Dumpty Day... hard boiled eggs ... the peeling took them a while and I savored that quiet time :)

Thankful for answered prayers at Great Clips. From previous posts, you know what a challenge the hair cut process is for Hudson, and with our old place closing, I was actually dreading this... the venture into an adult hair place where they could lack total kid friendliness and patience... and the clients too... We walked in... we were waited on. Hudson sat down by himself, I prepped the girl on the "normal behavior", and sat down with Hannah. She was amazing. Spiderman discussion. Spider web discussion. and then I was summoned for just a minute or 2, and then he was done! She was amazing. He was amazing. Such a great way to show our kids about answered prayer. I think Harrison was dreading the embarrassment Hudson normally causes, and he was blown away too. Love it.

Thankful that after a weekend of sickness, Matt has been partially healed, and the germs are on their way out! Thank you Clorox and Fabulouso and open windows :) 
#theyneedpumpkinscentedcleaners ;)
But check this idea out.... 

Image result for pumpkin scented cleaners I will let you know if it's legit! ( seems amazingly cost savings, if you love the Fabulouso scent, which we do, just not this time of year :)) Image result for fall scripture

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