Monday, October 24, 2016


Thankful that the Fire Dept was able to visit our school as we kicked off Fire Safety week.
That ladder guy is seriously so brave right!?


 Pre K

 My amazing group of kiddos

 My teammate and her Kinder class

 My bestie Meg with her 1st graders

Thankful for Mary sending adorable pics throughout the day. And can we talk about this AMAZING October weather we have been having!? So thankful for shorts still!
{And then we got a cold spell the next day}
 Thankful for these fun girls. Our 5/6th grade Cross Country Team before our last race
 Thankful for fun hands on math. Counting is a blast when we can eat it after ;) Sunflower seeds for most! Pom Poms for the kids who thought they were allergic lol. Love that our school has a nurse only 1 day a week... sigh... terrible right!?!? if they have allergies we have no idea, unless they tell us, or we find out the hard way... which thankfully hasn't ever happened...yet ;)
 SO very thankful for a sweet mom who donated to my new Flexible seating idea... 2 Yoga Balls and 2 Yoga Mats... as you can see the kids are LOVING them.. and I have been pintresting some ways to allow for fairness and sharing :) The kids who need to bounce and move during lessons are LOVIN' the chance to do just that...

 Thankful for the Dollar Tree having fun Spooky manipulatives for counting. Beatrice... this girl.. may be my favorite :) Here she is rolling the dice then counting out eyeballs to match :)

 Yay for Geoboards and Yoga mats!

Thankful for Hannah's hard work over the past 2 weeks. Her spelling words have been tricky, and honestly I have been failing as a mom... I love coming home to play with my kids and just hang out... not teach them ... sigh... what planet do I live on right!?  but I had to whip up some ideas to help her and boom she responded so well and rocked her last 2 tests!! Build a Bear date :) 
  This pose. Kills me. She is too much. She looks like the cutest soccer sis ever.
  Fur hats and flip flops. That's how we roll :)

 Last Soccer game!! We will miss these, as it's been so nice each week, but yay for freedom in our sched!
 At the park.... almost time for Auntie's shower!!
Kamila's Baby Shower :) At their beautiful new house :)

  Auntie Paula surprised her!
 Happy Happy Day.... the prayers that have been prayed and answered leading to this day... are unreal... To God Be The Glory...

 Fam Jam

 Baby Allen Zigmund (spelling!?) (both dad's :)) will be one VERY loved on baby boy!!!!!

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