Monday, October 10, 2016


Thankful for another fresh week... and hallelujah for good ole Columbus who sailed the ocean blue in 1492.... We needed a long weekend this weekend for sure..... Image result for columbus day 2016

Thankful that I could chaperone Hudson's pumpkin patch farm trip.

Thankful for a good reading week in GalatiansImage result for galatians 5
Image result for galatians 5

Thankful for a simple, beautiful wedding, inside PGM. Beth, one of PGM's nurses married Theo, another awesome guy who works at PGM. Their lives are literally polar opposite, suburbanite widow finds her true love in an ex heroine addict... Matt was telling me about it and I had to see this amazing couple to believe it... and sure enough my 1st reaction was WHAT IN THE WORLD!!??  
seriously..... God has amazing plans for everyone.... soooo amazing...

Thankful for a fun Friday in Room 108. Careers in STEM dress up day! Hooray for amazing parents who knocked my socks off with support!! Look at these cuties! The fisherman was one of my faves, with a brand new Spider-man Fishing rod and gummy worms! Ahh... love this class ...

 Thankful for a fun fall Saturday
 Harrison was playing my friend's daughter in soccer and Hannah got to meet her other sweet daughter Olivia.

 Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs for this guy!?! Yes please!! Potty training phase I in session....

 Exactly how she felt... Sunday morning, after a sleepless seal barking night, had us ready for a Drs perspective. Her 102.9 fever Thursday went away thankfully, in a day, but her throat and cough were terrible... and the bloody noses?! Too much.... So thankful for Urgent Care and Insurance.

Thankful for getting a huge heaven hug in the mail... one of those times that we needed encouragement and God literally brought it JUST at the PERFECT time... no like for real... I checked the mail Saturday... just the norm... then Sunday after we spent the morning at the Dr, the mail box was open and a tiny little note card in there... Seriously guys it was from Heaven.. who gets mail on Sundays?! The Lord heard our cries and knew our discouraged hearts... noone likes spending Sunday sick and tired... but then that... ahh... God's love is so great... reminds me of this hymn...Image result for love of god how rich and pureImage result for love of god how rich and pure

Thankful for a day off with the kiddos... speech time with Miss Julie who I have missed like crazy, and then outdoor time.. leaf hunting and sunshine... Thank you Lord... now please pray that our Union reaches an agreement by midnight tonight so I can teach tomorrow! These crazy days of  proposed striking ahead are no good for my precious pumpkins or our wallets.

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