Monday, September 26, 2016


Thankful for this song.
Watch it here

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The week before big changes had me semi nerve wracked all week.... Although I know God has it all mapped out... and I know we are doing the right thing.. and I know opening our home to Mary is the right thing... it doesn't make wrapping my head around it any easier.. and when the rubber meets the road I have hard time embracing change happily and care free...also throw in conference prep, Open House, and a near jail experience for hubby... then we hear songs that literally just help.
 The line from the above song "I am surrounded by the arms of the father". It reminded me of my dads HUGE bear hugs. It reminded me of even better hugs from our everlasting Father... and that gave peace... and we kicked Satan out again.. in a big way... man, he is vicious.

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Thankful that open house went well, I did a new format, with less teacher talking. more parent/child involvement as they did centers together and I fell in love watching them play and work together. It was a great way to provide a little glimpse into how they may work together at home. And then that whiny mom, yeah, she gave me a bigger heart towards her son, as I realized his pain for dealing with that day in and day out! "I don't want to do Centers, I'm too tired", buries head in her hands. Really Mom really!?

Thankful for this blessing. Sitting by the wall near the dumpsters... in perfect condition... and we had one thing on our Mary's Room list.. a dresser :)  Thankful for hubbies willingness to drag it home drawer by drawer :)
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(this is how I envision the dresser's future :)) 

Thankful for Hudsie's school excitement. Love his joy. Love that he has learned SO many new phrases while having so much fun!! Latest news is "Starbucks" ( essential) and "What you doing". 

Love these two!!! XO

Thankful for piggy back rides & smiles 

Thankful for Food Friday ( I borrowed the great idea from kindergartensmorgasboard & so far love it) 
Each Friday we try to create a fun snack - this week it tied into our ELA activity with This Little Piggy .. .
Pigs in a blanket!! and our cafeteria manager is a doll and cooked them for us... 

 Miss Jordan.
 Worlds Best "Grandma" to all these little pumpkins and best teacher's aid ever!

That was before the news that Matt was nearly arrested.....
The text came at lunch and my joy turned to panic and tears ....
But in my partial defense... my emotions were on high alert anyways that day,, and then totally sparked by my Principal showing our grade level this...

Sitting together with staff... they're loving the Amazing Grace... I'm wondering if I'm dreaming ...

then I'm like how do I invite my Principal to conference this weekend since the thoughts he was a practicing Muslim may not be true with an amazing grace episode !? and he was crying too!? WHAT!?
It was a HOT MESS Friday!!!

But then I got a text from Matt " I may get arrested" as he was filing his police report...  his brother stole his identity... for the.... 4th time... so after grace upon grace (which in my head felt like craziness the 2nd time anyways).... no more Mr Nice guy... police reports... legal action...lots to pray about and lots to juggle...that sent me to another level... love that Miss Jordan left her 4th grade afternoon shift to stay with my littles...
and although Matt's license was suspended, it was his AZ old license not his current IL one.. and somehow they are not linked !?!?! Seems TOTALLY weird crazy etc... but bottom line... He was not arrested on Friday night :) OH MY WORD... now lets eat ice cream and party .. we have 6 friends coming tomorrow :)

Thankful for these kiddos!! Look at them!!! Melt my heart. 

(at conference)

 Loved our Ebay matchy matchy dresses, although they may fall apart tomorrow, the quality STUNK but for a day, they were fun :) 

Thankful for Matt's serious encouragement. He was also drained Friday, but Saturday was a new day and WOW..., from AHHMAZING messages at conference, to good chats with friends, he packed the van and brought a crew ( and surprise, 2 other families met him there and super encouraged him!!) to PGM! 
Here is Dan posing ;)

Thankful that our 2 littles napped from 2-4:30 Sunday afternoon. So our hearts and minds were totally refreshed. Praying our spiritual high sticks around :)

Thankful to have a fun day at work today... Johnny Appleseed Day! I simplified WAY more than last year.... praise the Lord for flexibility.... Playdough... Applesauce...10 Apples up on top... Painting... And Youtube Apple songs :) 

 J is for Johnny

Plate painting
10 Apples Up On Top

Harrison's last 2 mile run for this season!!

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