Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Thankful for it being our week leading up to conference.... love this time of year ( the pumpkin everything helps too!)

Thankful for Bath and Body Works.. their creativity makes my heart so happy. 
Image result for bath and body works sparkle coffeeImage result for bath and body works football
You guessed it... the sparkle coffee cup is in my car... and football in the van... with Cinnamon Pumpkin... Yummmmm

Thankful for this song... Image result for let's be honest francesca battistelli 
and good thing Google knew what I meant because spelling her two names was like ??!?!?!?!?

Thankful this week to have had my car filled up with gas the night before & all my windows cleaned... #thisnotetho

Thankful for this smiley girl & her love of wearing dresses every day.

Thankful for this reminder. The submitting part though...oh so hard...

Thankful for Harrison's determination. He perseveres during the 2 mile race even though he is totally shot and hot. He is obsessed with checking his legs after each race expecting to see some sick muscle growth. He has taught this momma a thing or 2 about not giving up. And I love it.

 This happened Friday. Bus riders.

Wikki Sticks how we love you.
Thankful for my Saturday workout partner :)

Thankful for this Heaven sent material blessing. Guys. This is Pottery Barn kids. Found all 3 pieces (hutch over the desk, desk and swivel chair) at Salvation Army for $50!!!! Serious savings!!!!!
Love our stow n go van, which made getting this inside, a breeze!!

Thankful for shady dates while we waited for our AC to get repaired ( which it did) Hooray!! Nothing like an AC going out the week before conference :) 

Thankful for Dusty & Milla sharing this twin bed with us. 

This weekend had us getting crazy with re-doing our living spaces....Hudson's room was taken totally apart... and oops those 3M little sticky squares wreak havoc on our walls!

 Hudson's bed was moved into Harrison and Hannah's room... well just the mattress- the bed frame was shot... all three monkeys in one room... leaving this guest space... for our friend Mary who we hired to be our live in nanny....

Matt got a job as the Career Development Coordinator with PGM! 
Guys, this is SUCH a crazy time for us... as we were FINALLY okay with how God had worked last year out.... and now this. We are like God why in the world are you throwing us so many loops!? Like a real life roller coaster. But with God at the main station, we have to enjoy the ride!! 

{We've been praying about how to continue to build relationships with PGM guys.... and then a  brand new role was created at PGM...they needed someone to guide the Bible Program graduates, after their 1 year program, helping them get settled in "the real outside world" .... helping them with interview practice, GED studies, getting corporations to interview them, ect etc etc.... Matt jumped at the opportunity and the Lord provided.....}
But then we were like no way, this can't work- our kids!!!!! They are all over the place, with all sorts of different timings.... 
Then Matt, the non bus parent between the two of us ;), was like- hey why don't they ride the bus.... this could help whoever is our babysitter, with not driving like a maniac all day :) 
Friday was their 1st day and of course they loved it and secretly Matt did too :) 

But... two cars in the city just 8 miles apart!? Isnt that crazy?  We thought so..... but then Matt's boss asked if he could work from 7-3. Guys..... I normally get to work about 630-645, and leave at 3:20ish....  sooooooo we will ride in together... ride home together... except on his preaching nights.... 
Seems like crazy Heaven hugs all around.... 
and the best part is Mary... 

Mary Corduan is such a go getter... we loved watching her embrace God's call to teach in Taiwan for a couple years... God shut that door this year... She's 22... She's at home but wants to get college courses done... and work... 
Well we provided the work :) 
And there's a college in walking distance from us ... which she applied to... :) So we are excited yet totally curious as to how life with 6 will be in  our house....
 Pray for her to have grace with our crazy wonderful fam jam and for me to have grace having another friend always with me...
 We will have the weekends as protected family time, with her shift ending Friday afternoon.... but the in between time... when family life gets real.... pray that we all see Christ in each other... 

 praying for grace... upon grace....

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