Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Thankful that Matt and I are on the same crazy wavelength.

Thankful that our kids seem to drink the same crazy kool aid as us too and man, that makes my heart happy! 
(rv show had us like WHAT!!?? When can we move in!? This beast was just that. Beastly and amazing in EVERY WAY!)

Thankful that we got to hear 4 testimonies and watch 4 of our awesome teens get baptized Sunday. 

Thankful for week one of school going awesome. Loving my crew, they are adorable and really good... although today I got 4 newbies. So my total is 26, which means I will be a big fan of flexible seating in a week or so... goodbye wooden chairs! 

Thankful for Amazon Prime Music. Pandora is blocked this year by our school's web ... sooo my jammin' out self was bumming UNTIL.... Prime Music was discovered.

Thankful for Harrison's endurance and runner's high after his 1st cross country meet.

Thankful for a co-workers FriYay treat. Oh so cute. And delicious.

Thankful for helpful reminders and daily devotion time,

Thankful for the playground progress.

Thankful for these 3 crazy blessings even if I was up 4 times with the middle princess last night.... sigh... good thing today was free coffee for teachers at Dunkin... I stopped at 2 :) 
Thankful for these 2. xo

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