Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Multitudes * Christmas Week *

Thankful this week for....

*an awesome 4th grade son. Harrison rocks our world. Our hearts are full. He makes us learn new things every day. I love love love this 1st born son of ours!! {He did a fantastic job at the Choir concert this week too!}

* a gentle nudge from God, that reminded us that Satan is trying to attack our youth & that we, as parents, need to pray for our children, more than ever.

*an adorable and slightly chaotic Preschool Holiday performance.

* the energy and love of the Preschool director and her staff.

* that all our kiddos are off school now, and can lounge in their jammies all day- NOT! We are not that kinda fam ;)-  but it IS nice to not have school drop offs and pick ups ruling our day!

*the ability to use the fun Christmas stuff I used in my classroom to have fun with my own kiddies! Plan for this week: Gingerbread Monday, Reindeer Tuesday & Polar Express PJ Christmas Eve.

*9 stockings hung on the mantle. Ray. Mom. Our 5. Dusty. Milla. The fullness of the mantle, truly is a miracle. I know I write that often, but please know that it IS a miracle. It is not something that we take lightly. The fact that Ray is part of our lives- and can put up with us, that fact that Dustin is home with us, the fact that he has a legit girlfriend, who I LIKE (LOL!!), and the fact that we all ( minus Ray and Milla) cohabitate... still baffles me!! This is NOT where I would have thought we would be. There is no other place where I would want to be, now that God has brought and kept us here. The road has had many bumps- like serious pot holes- like "topees" in Spanish- that rock your whole car- we have had those, as a family- but by God's grace, we overcame and continue to press on. We are praying that next Christmas, there will be 4 more stockings, as we miss Matt's family a lot, especially during this time of year!

*for dad son date time (church & Packers game!)

*mom son dates



Park date

Dad is always with us & this needs to be posted again... sorry for repeats... but it means alot to me...

 This is a SICK giftcard display!! This is just one side of them! Starbucks- you are amazingly creative 

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