Thursday, December 18, 2014


it's Monday & this post comes from the special Ed room during my break :)
And I never posted this... so sorry!
It is now Thursday, and this comes to you from a super updated 4th grade Computer Lab!

Thankful this week....
 1030- for creative outreach ideas from family across the miles
1031- for a serious answer to prayer
1032- for unexpected blessings arriving in the mail
1033- for warm (in the 50's!!) days!
1034- for a wonderful night out singing hymns & christmas carols with The Gaithers
1035- for special friends to share the concert with & they arrived early & got us front row seats!!!
1036- for a front door parking spot during my sunday shopping spree & first by the door spot at the POST OFFICE!! I know I was shocked too.
1036- for patience ... I am not patient...yet... but it's pretty amazing to watch God work on that specific area in my life. What are you wanting God to help you with? Pray and ask him! The power in prayer has really rocked me lately & really encouraged me. I hope it encourages you too!
1037- for the laughs & loud shrieks as our 3 H's wrestle & tackle Dad
1038- for teaching sunday school again
1039- for Ann voskamp's advent book
1040- for learning how to joyfully accept plan B


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