Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Thankful for Hudson's trust of his swim coach and his progress.

Thankful this week that when gun shots were fired, they were from a moving vehicle passing the school, not from the old man trying to run to our school in refuge. When we heard there were shots & the next phrase is "he's running to school". The lock down drill mentality dropped and the "hey this is for real" set in... the lunch room seems eerily safe, with all those tables to hide under and all the cement walls.... Thankful for the real story that two cars shot at each other, the old man at the bus stop was scared, and ran to our school for refuge ( which was not given to him) because our doors were locked... Thankful for the day time janitor, who truth be told smells like alcohol 1/2 the time and runs on pop and chips... and wonders why my fridge never has any 'real' pop in it... well this week we will celebrate him... for locking our doors and for keeping us safe ... the cops never did come.. isn't that just crazy? So we do the best we can to teach and police our precious pumpkins... and did anything get taught that afternoon? Not a thing, except "structured play and build time"... while this teacher was just regrouping & thankful for safety... those pop pop pop sounds are something that should never be heard... especially in ear shot of a school !

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Thankful for safety on the roads for our friends the Hoys... Thankful that although our week was hectic. we were able to grab dinner together and praise jesus for sleeping kids after mid week meeting, to allow for uninterrupted adult chat time ... I love the Lord's timing... Matt and Harrison left Wednesday to drive to Jersey, and our dinner and after meeting date with Hoys was exactly the heavenly distraction to make this momma be okay with the distance from my 2 favorites...

Thankful for being able to take a couple days off... and have fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast... Hannah's hair done.. and goofy tulip filled pics!

Thankful for impromptu texts & fun events 
( Beccy and Hudson during Tanner's Volleyball game! When they play a block from our house, we have to be cheerleaders!)

Thankful for Hannah's incredible 1st grade teacher... Mrs Doherty is everything... seriously... UNREAL... Love her so so so much.. not only is she gorgeous... her heart is also beautiful... and the lunch dates with the 2 Hannah's had them  ( & me!) smitten....

Thankful for Hannah's huge heart... like huge huge... Dusty texted me just right : she's strong and confident, but tender inside:... yes...
Friday was her poetry share... her poem was about "The Best Mom"... and of course after her 2nd line I was in tears... but then she got to line three... she stopped... I thought she didn't know how to read it... and then the tears came... and she had to sit down because... her heart just couldn't take it... and oh this girl has every ounce of my heart... every single ounce... and yes I will work harder to remember her tender love bug self when those endless whines come each night at 7pm ;)

[Dress Credit Old Navy! We LOVE MATCHY MATCHY !!]

Thankful for a new to us Cupcake shop... Smallcakes... to celebrate Hannah's beautiful poem and hard work...

Thankful for the Lord watching over Matt & Harrison as they drove to Jersey for a Bible Conference

Thankful for the Bruno family to kindly keep their boys home on Friday so big H could feel like a million bucks and enjoy play time all day! I love how easily the boys connected... and then Saturday night girls were involved... insert all the rolling of the eyes here... ;)

 ( Friday day time bowling and apparently Matty hit it right!)

Thankful for a new to me store. Walked in, with hot mess express kids, ice creams in hand, to allow me a sec to grab an adorable Momma Bear shirt... which they didn't have my size in, but I found an even cuter sweat shirt! The three sales ladies are like my besties now. This store EverEve, is just for moms... so there is a play space in the back with goldfish for their snack.... the kids clearly didn't want to leave... the saleslady even watched the kids so I could try on my shirts... yes the tag was a little spendy... but for that service?! Wow!

Thankful for family time .. Uncle Steve and Hudson getting lotttts of sticks outta Dusty & Mila's back yard

Arent these just the most precious things ever!? In a tree in their front yard...

 Hannah will clearly giant over Auntie Paula within the next year or so ;) 

 Us girls getting the crazy fire pit screwed in!

 Nephew snuggles!

 This is Hudson... give him space... give him cars... give him sun...

When you've been a single momma for a few days... the bedtime sleep pictures are just what a tired heart needs to reflect on...  

Thankful for the big boys returning safely!! Lots of awesome fellowship! Lots of awesome stories! Lots of awesome ministry! And then Harrison even made it for his nighttime game! And they WON!
What an awesome welcome home! And now our insanely hectic week continues... but day by day we are led by Him.
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