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Thankful to have had a super fun Birthday week... thank you to all my favorite people for making my week so special and full of extra sweet goodies!

Thankful to celebrate my 2nd birthday on April 28th. Image result for redeemed

Thankful to see some hard work pay off... Miss Nicole ( my amazing mom helper) wrote Beatrice on the top, and Bea had to write it below... and she did it... yes we just have 35 days left of Kinder and yes she should be writing stories and labeling pictures... but all the should bes just don't apply.. the growth- little as it may be- is HUGELY celebrated... and Miss Bea's love language is snacks... and snacks she got :)

Thankful for a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day of track! Harrison's 1st track meet... his team did so well. I love seeing him go all in for whatever he does... and he has some wheels on him! Good job bud!
{Meanwhile his cheering squad needed some jump rope and selfie snapshots }

Harrison runs on Dunkin!

 Soooo this favorite little man of ours... He is such a crazy sweetheart but wow he is complicated. I literally had no idea until this past week's phone call with his Occupational Therapist...
 I took a day off... and spent some time reflecting with his OT sweet lady, and looking at the ancient book she recommended "The Out of Sync Child", and then put it into practice...
He needs a daily sensory diet... has nothing to do with food.. has everything to do with muscles, touch and balance.
She was kind enough to script an entire day out for us, and give us plenty of notes to build on...

From Raising a Sensory Smart Child
By Lindsey Biel, OTR/L and Nancy Peske, foreword by Dr. Temple Grandin
“Just as your child needs food throughout the course of the day, the need for sensory input must also be met. A “sensory diet” (coined by OT Patricia Wilbarger) is a carefully designed, personalized activity plan that provides the sensory input a person needs to stay focused and organized throughout the day. Just as you may jiggle your knee or chew gum to stay awake or soak in a hot tub to unwind, children need to engage in stabilizing, focusing activities too. Infants, young children, teens, and adults with mild to severe sensory issues can all benefit from a personalized sensory diet.”
“Each child has a unique set of sensory needs. Generally, a child whose nervous system is overaroused and too wired needs more calming input, while the child who is more underaroused and too tired needs more alerting input. A qualified occupational therapist can use her or his advanced training and evaluation skills to develop a strong sensory diet for your child—or you—but it’s up to you and your child to implement it throughout the day.”
“The great news is that the effects of a sensory diet, combined with professional intervention, are usually immediate AND cumulative. Activities that perk up your child or calm him down are not only effective in the moment; they actually help to change your child’s nervous system over time so that he or she is better able to:
tolerate sensations and situations that are challenging
regulate emotions, alertness and increase attention span
reduce unwanted sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviors

handle transitions with less stress”

Basically he has a proprioceptive sensory issue- meaning his position in space is not regulated- he doesn't know how much space he takes up, he is not aware of his or other's "personal bubble" etc... 
That can be calmed by "heavy pressure work"... 
So the more work we make him do- the more at balance his senses are- leading a more calming day... 
1st stop flower shop... 
 Lugging the topsoil

 Touching the yucky roots and weeds and crusty dirt

 Sweeping up after we planted

 He needs tummy time often throughout the day to build core strength 
( I used many of our OT suggestions in my own classroom and day 2 - I have seen some of my squirmy wormies be more at peace with themselves and other!)
 Waiting for the bus ... hopping on one foot.. 
All of these activities Hudson LOVES to do... so we are thankful.. hoping for more success as he wraps up his 1st preK year!

Thankful that Matt was able to chaperone Harrison to White Pines in Oregon IL.
Thankful that the parents were able to drive up there, and be spared from the 2 hour bus ride!
Thankful that the coach Mr Brown ( mentioned in earlier blogs- he lost his dad last baseball season, we gave them a bible, I reconnected with his wife & we pray that they open the Bible we gave them) That Mr Brown... He wanted to ride up there with Matt! So they had 2 hours to get to know each other and then had a blast the rest of the week too! Praying that they stay connected!)
 58 6th grade boys ... 
insert all the HELP ME PLEASE faces... poor Matt... haha, he texted me and was like it SMELLS SO BAD IN HERE... all they do is fart at night! Haha! Gotta love it!! 

 Love this! The boots that were the neatest indicated who got to eat 1st - the girls or the boys...  :)

Crazy blessed to have this big buddy as our son. So proud of him. 

While the big boys were away, the littles were able to join me on my Nature Museum trip

Hannah's 1st Softball game of the season took place in our crazy freezing weather!

Thankful for a good ministry session on Sunday... blessed are the peacemakers... yes Lord that... Keep showing me! 
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  1. That's awesome that you have some new strategies to use with Hudson, and that they are things that he loves doing! And kudos to you for trying new things with him and being so proactive. I love that he and Hannah are able to come along on your field trips with fun!