Monday, May 15, 2017


Last week was a week that we had to really work through.. scheduling was hard...but it's a new Monday.. a new week.. and God has been with us through the stress, nitty gritty, joy & smiles.... He is the constant and I love that truth.
A brother from our church read Psalm 100 ... I love the Message Version... end of verse 4 & 5

Thank him. Worship him.
5 For God is sheer beauty,
    all-generous in love,
    loyal always and ever.

So thankful that in all the unknowns during the week- the Lord knows about it and knew from the beginning how it will/would all work out... crazy thought right!? His loyal always... Love it...

Thankful for fun matchy matchy shoes 

Thankful for brunch with my littles while Dad and Big H were away
 Thankful for career day... Mr Head visited our class to share about his role with Discovery Education. Also pictured is my amazing helped Miss Jordan

Thankful that it down poured on Wednesday, so concession stand duty was cancelled and I could attend Harrison's band concert. ( This pic is the other 1/2 of the gym room full of ping pong tables... Harrison has NO idea how blessed he is to have those there... such a great PE unit!)
 Rock n Roll themed concert

Good Encouragement

Thankful for Harrison's awesome big brother heart. He works hard to help us out when we need it & this pic was in Matt's office at PGM. Both boys went to work with him, as his hours are changing again... 

Same day, I had Morning with Mom in Room 108 and Hannah came to be a "school mom" to a couple kiddos. I love her heart to help and her compassion.

 Yay! I got some baby time!!

(At PGM - Job Fair)

Hannah loving our lunch date
 Boys enjoying PGM lunch date
 Alisa... one of my favorites ;)

 He's out!

 Love getting pics from Auntie Mila! Look at baby Al... his 1st visit to the polish deli
 And I love getting texts from home... Oh Hudsie
Thankful for teacher appreciation week
 Thankful for our Lego Land trip ...
 I want to be this organized ... some day!!
 So proud that this little man had a GOOD trip day!
  That's what we get... CPS can't even spell LOL

When big bro has a birthday party that all kids want to attend... we bribe... so Mall date here we come!

 Hannah is now totally fascinated with Sephora... She looked like a pretty pink clown when we left :)

Oh my heart. Saturday is gorgeous weather. Both kids have early games, at the same time, so we did a good job of jogging between fields to cheer them on... and we found Cooper... Hudson ADORES "My Cooper" from his class, and never ever has a play mate for the games- and has a hard time finding friends that "get him" and "speak his language".., Cooper does... and it was such a sweet time ...
  Team Pics

 Squinty Eyes mean the SUN IS OUT!! Look at those puffy clouds!! Just beautiful!!

Happy Mother's Day!
Lunch at Francesca's with the fam jam
Happy Mother's Day

Sunny Sunday City Escape
  the view from the sunroof was legit!

Hannah's 1st grade is on their ABC countdown to Summer and on letter M... Match Day.. 
Of course we went all out... Hannah and Hannah in their adorable Target dresses... with Hannah's mom graciously braiding their hair the same because of course they aren't  the sane unless their hair is done the same too! 

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  1. The cake and Hannah looking like a pretty pink clown after visiting Sephora...😂😂😂😂😂