Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Whirlwind Weekend

Thankful for our weekend in PA!

Thankful for our road trip warrior kiddos.  What worked best for us: Ipads for each kiddo {I totally took my class's iPads loaded with our personal games and movies:)}. Blanket for each. Snacks. And frequent stops at the rest areas to throw football :) We broke up the trip : 5 hours one day, 6 the next. We did that on the way home too, and making the driving time small, really helped as I was super under prepared as far as snacks went ... We go to FL in a month, and that trek is 18 hours, so this was a practice run, and we learned we need headphones X 3, more snacks and more drawing/journal type things. We were wondering how the kids would do in our sedan, as our last road trip was in Clifford the big red Suburban... but even with a puke session from Hudson, and some minor squabbles, we totally did it!!! It also was a nice break when I went in to the back for littles time, so big H could be co-pilot :) Ohhhh and Pandora!! You know how we love to belt out singing, so in between songs we found the PG comedy station & Christian Comedy station. We were DYING!!!

Always a happy site to see all 3 in ZZZ land ;)

Thankful that although our plans did not go as we had planned, {Hudson vomiting during afternoon ministry meeting (puke session numero tres on this trip... seriously!!??), ALL the way up the long aisle at the school (Sigh, Gross, Embarrassing)}, and then my nasty cough acted up in full swing... we left mid way through the conference totally encouraged, excited and uplifted. We also wonder if the janitor who had the awesome job of cleaning that puke maybe got to hear what Marv was talking about & could have encouraged her in her day :)

Thankful to have seen and heard Paul Thiessen's Mexico Update. Pray for the workers in that land.

Thankful for Melissa and Doug's awesome crafts. Perfect conference activity!!This mask craft was amazing, although once created she wanted to wear masks the whole conference, which I embrace just fine but Daddy is another story ;). We figured when in downtown Philly, she could be a masked sequin ninja all night :)

Thankful to have reconnected with old friends. Seriously- it had been like 20 years for some! Love the East Coast!

Thankful for the awesome carriage ride in Philly. Who knew Ben Franklin did SO much for our country's history!? 

Thankful to pass along childhood memories to our kids. Every summer- our road trip from MA to IA had us stopping at the Fremont Indiana outlets for back to school clothes & of course Shelton Fireworks. We skipped the clothes shopping {I know I can hardly believe it either ;)} but we did find a new store called the Pickle Factory, that made Hannah smile from ear to ear :) 
 Shelton Fireworks- hasn't changed. I kinda like places that stay the same year after year... I love the memories of that big red barn. And the excitement of Harrison was equal to or greater than mine and Dustin's as kids. So so so cool.

Thankful for pictures like these during stressful days at work :)

Thankful for Jim McMaster's encouraging twitter account. Loved these two posts. Hopefully they will encourage you :) 

Happy Tuesday :)

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