Monday, September 21, 2015

Multitude Monday 9/21

Monday is here! I love new weeks, yet I get family withdrawal hard core after the weekend too...

Thankful today for seriously SO much... here goes... This weekend just blew me away...

1)for the opportunity to coach cross country. The PE teacher and I co-coach, and she is really the leader, but I love getting to know the older kids ( grades 5-8) and it feels awesome to jog 2 miles each day after work.

2) for my amazing hubby .. the master chef & Super Dad... work and parenting and outreach is a team thing... no one was called to do it all! (As much as I totally want to! The need everywhere is great right!?) His heart is huge and its just awesome knowing he is my better half - through it all.... Sigh... Big heart eyes here :)

3) for texts that come at JUST.THE.RIGHT.TIME. Love you Rach!

4) for our new schedule at church... because we are building a new building... we are temporarily meeting above a busy cafe. With that comes the need to lessen the stampeding sounds that only my kids ;) and the whole city of Joliet can make ... so our Sunday School is now at 530 pm, then a light meal, then Gospel til 7:30. It def has its pros and cons, but today I will focus on the pros ;) I love that I can hear ministry. Normally ministry was during Sunday School, so during my 3 month rotation, I would be lacking ... Yesterday we had a couple from West Liberty Iowa with us, and his message was simple- but RIGHT from heaven... Example: Matt says "Pray that something speaks to us during this message". Then Ryan speaks... One of his examples was about our "idols" such as "vehicles"... just so happens our hearts have been seriously idolizing trucks... and our "need" to get one before winter... and the time spent browsing online for the "perfect" truck ... the message came at yet again- the perfect time.

5) Pandora Pandora Pandora! Current fave: Beautiful Things by Gungor... Being able to listen to KLove each morning while I hustle and bustle around Room 108, before these adorable rugrats meet me, really helps to guide my heart. Although I think maybe on my sluggish days I need some "eye of the tiger" jams ;)

6) for the love and support that my fellow blog readers, and Christ followers have showed me over the past 2 weeks with school supply donations... the love, support and prayers have BEEN REAL. Thank you for being do-ers of the Word... thank you Auntie Jack, Dusty, Jill & Lois.

7) an extra shout out to Mrs. McCandless ;) Jill- I hope you read this, this week. When my mom showed up with the boxes from your sweet self, I was super excited to look through your old teaching supplies, thinking you were sharing your oldies with me ( and I knew whatever was from you would ROCK!) and then I peeked in one box- to see brand new everything!?!?!?!? What in the world!?!?!?! Your love, across the many miles, really really touched my heart. Happy, awe-struck tears wouldn't stop, until I was semi- tackled by a Sunday school kiddo ;) No one understands the needs of a classroom unless you have taught- which you have- so you know. And the needs of an inner city school are very real. These kids are still being held at the "same" standards of every other school nationwide however, yet with 1/10 of the supplies and resources... The social injustice and poverty isn't fair... it shouldn't hurt to be 5... (some of these kids, namely all 12 girls are completely perfect in every way, right down to their adorable crazy beaded hair {that makes so much noise during silent reading :)!?!})  Thank you for knowing. Thank you for acting on your selfless love for others and being doers of the word too. I am so totally grateful & cant wait to see you someday (hopefully soon!?!) and give you a major hug!

8)Uncle Dusty & Auntie Mila time... can you believe we literally live 15 minutes from each other yet haven't hung out since they got back from Hawaii?! Kamila's Polish souvenir loving self cracks me RIGHT UP....she had to buy an extra suitcase at Walmart for all her loot from the ABC store which she discovered was 1/2 the price at that local Walmart :) We cant say no to chocolate covered macadamia nuts :)

9) For Hudsie snuggles. The bee sting last week really affected him. So much so, Tuesday after work my phone starts going crazy. "take hudson to the ER"... WHAT!? Got home to him growling, flailing, screaming, panicking like hard core- because of 2 flies in our house. We hadn't ever ever ever experienced that reaction, and poor Matt and H & H, they were so sad to see our normally happy & joyful Hudsie FREAKING out... Off to the pediatrician to make sure he was ok... He was... but we have kept him indoors since & Saturday we had to take him outside for extended periods of time because of football, which meant he was snuggled on me, with a sweater covering his head. He didn't fall asleep. He didn't make a peep. He didn't move. I really pray that he can overcome this. I adore adore adore the snuggling, #keephimlittle, but I really dislike the tightness and anxiety he feels... cmon frost,,, freeze those bees! (And disclaimer, Fall is our FAVE season, but now Winter is a close second, NO BEES! :) :) :))

10) for another door opening for Matt to speak the Gospel... Radio... weird right!? { It feels like a 1960 thing, but he really enjoyed it and cant wait for Friday night to bring our good friend, Pa Tenorio too.} Link: : Matt's message is there somewhere, but as of now we cant re-access it once last Friday's show aired. In a nut shell- it's Spanish, but Matt speaks in English, David his friend is part of the bible program at PGM, the owner of the Radio Station is Catholic, yet stayed and listened to Matt's message and allows this preaching to continue. Pray for him. The bottom of the building is a new church. Seriously, so so cool. So outta the norm. Love outta the box Christianity! Be free from the norms! #fiercein15

 (Miss Jordan is on my left, she is a LIFESAVER, in my room for 3 hours each morning. Today I was blessed with Miss Lashure's help too. Those 4 extra hands were sooo helpful!)

 Jill, Auntie Jack, Dust, Lois: These adorable, energetic, precious to God little weasels are THANKFUL for the gluesticks, the Astrobright paper, the copy paper, books, crayons, binders for scrapbooks that I think are a MUST for every student :),  markers, ETC.... 
They love walking in room 108 & I am SO thankful for your help in that love of learning... The cycle of uneducated youth ends this year for 21 little people. I will teach them. I will empower them to do hard things. Positive self talk will stick in their brains. Sight words will be exciting. Math will come to life. Hands on activities will happen.
 ( Someone please send me some more time in my day ok? :):))
 Their homes may not support learning & love & care & compassion, but they know Ms. Hebert "do" :) Thank you for using your money, love, prayers & supplies for us. XOXOX

 Only you, Dust

 Being silly with Auntie :)

 Blue skies... Puffy Clouds.. Cammo shirts.. Football ready :)

 Cheer picture day

 "Cheeeese" {Someone thoroughly enjoyed his train cookie}

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  1. I'm so glad I was able to help-and I so look forward to hearing (or reading ;)) about your adventures in that classroom! The comment about the crazy beaded hair during silent reading totally cracked me up. :)