Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mr & Mrs Dustin Maxwell Hill 8.30.15

Yesterday (Sunday) our family was blessed with an official addition... Hooray for having Polish blood in our family! Kamila Hill....what a nice sound :) :) . I gained a SISTER!!! As the wedding approached I became like a turtle- I kept all my feelings in my shell & I have a hard time with big life changing events... although my heart is bursting with joy... there is SO much in Dustin & I's life that just comes out during wedding planning in my mind... - the memories are SO SO SO many... and he's all I have! My one big bro. It felt like we were inseparable growing up. Always a pair. Dustin & Alison. Just how it was. He had my back always. We never tattled on each other. EVER. We were wicked smaht ;)
 We have been through serious stuff....but today... while the happy couple goes to Hawaii... I sit & can't help but hum that Matt Redman Song... Bless the Lord O My Soul...Bless His Holy Name...

It's all because of Him...

Dustin can tell you 1st hand about the Lord's faithfulness. The times when he had hit rock bottom, the Lord was always there for him. Thankfully in 2013, he called upon the name of the Lord and was saved for eternity- so he has a very special Hope of the future and that was the ticket to change his everything.

From early days, Dusty had it hard. Imagine a 4 year old losing his mommy. I've looked at Harrison & Hannah at 4 & just wondered what they would do without me around. My heart broke thinking about it. Dustin had to overcome such a huge life tragedy so young & I believe, that those early heart break moments came out in not so positive ways later in life, as a way of dealing with grief. He is strong. Our extended family is strong. Support in family is by far the greatest gift ever given. Money cant buy the bonds of love or support or strength that family ties bring.
After my dad passed 7 years ago, Dustin hit rock bottom & spiraled out of control a bit more. So fast forward to yesterday. 2015. The gap from Aug 2008- Aug 2012 was a time of God speaking & working in Dustin's life in a very real, very real way.
We were blessed (although I was firmly opposed to relationship mending initially) to be able to live together for nearly 2 years. During  those 2 years we watched Dustin grow & learn new ways of adapting to stress, he learned how to bite his  tongue, he learned how to love on our kids and create a true Uncle relationship, he learned how valuable he is to his Heavenly Father & that the hope of the reunion in Heaven with both Mom & Dad & the Lord is the only inheritance that matters.
 The spiritual growth has been encouraging ( baptism link below :))
. It has helped Matt & I understand certain biblical truths for ourselves, as we had to explain them to him & then later to Mila. When you have to explain why or how something is done etc, it really makes you pray & consider why you do what you do.... and that soul searching has kept our fire alive & helped our souls grow for God.
We were blessed to discover Pacific Garden Mission in trying to help Dustin. {We thought Dustin may need to be housed somewhere temporary upon his move back to IL from NY in 2013, so Matt got in touch with the President of PGM to discuss housing. That discussion, led by God clearly, led to Matt & Kerwin & others, helping preach the Gospel each week down there. It'll be 2 years of consistent preaching, come October! That encouragement of PGM is invaluable. Isn't it just awesome to look back & see how God had it ALL perfectly planned!?}
Excited for this new chapter in our lives as a family & for Dusty & Kamila HILL :) :) :) :) :)

Thankful this week ....

for gathering with like minded believers... a block away! I love the location of a new local assembly that we discovered.
for ministry on Sunday about marriage... exactly what we all - but especially Dustin needed to hear. It was ideal.
for heart felt speeches
for tears of love & joy
for my amazing sparkle bridesmaid shoes
for having the best sitter in the world- so that we could enjoy the entire wedding day without our adorable energetic littlest buddy.
for out of town family trekking in
for Red Sox tickets
for adjusting to week 1 of school routine... our nights are early- but Hannah has ROCKED the new schedule!!!!
for Hannah's precious infatuation with my mom in law... the bond is seriously beautiful. The love of a grandma is too much! My heart is so full!
 3 of my favorite people: photo credit to another favorite person Auntie Jacki

 Ok guys I got DECKED OUT! Kamila got our hair and makeup done for us, and it was like those makeover TV shows... close your eyes and open in an hour... I had eyebrows!! LOL YAY!! It was pretty gross taking it all off and the 300000 bobby pins, but SO SO SO fun getting totally made up & hair did.

 Best notification ever :)

 No sand for mama ( GROSS!) but yay for a new home for our cars outside ;)

 Playing with Auntie Paula & Uncle Steve

It's a pretty fun surprise when Daddy picks up his Princess

 Face planting 3 days before pictures? Only Hudsie ;)

Kid gift bags :)

Ready for school Day 2

Red Sox!!!!

Back row: Peter (Kamila's Brother), Ziggy (her dad), Ola ( her sis), Mihow (her sister's fiance). Peter lives north of Chicago, but the rest came from Poland and speak 99 % polish :) 

 There he is!

 Saying goodbye to Auntie Paula & Uncle Steve 
 Donut Date with little man, while big kiddos are sleeping over with Memere & Pepere
 Back to no eyebrows... lol... man make up lady I miss you already!


  1. So, so happy for Dustin! You looked GORGEOUS (as always)!

  2. Ive read this before and its awesome Ali!! However you might be interested to know that if one were to Google "Dustin Maxwell Hill" your blog post is the very first thing that pops up(also under images there is a sweet car ride selfie...of you not me HAHAHA)