Monday, September 7, 2015

Back 2 School ... for ME!!!

Thankful this week..

 that I have a full time teaching job!!!!!!! {Insert a million more exclamation marks!} I will be teaching full day Kindergarten... in a very needy part of Chicago... school starts tomorrow.. and 1) all the teachers wear a uniform on the 1st day & every Monday as a way to show that we are Family with the students and their snazzy uniforms... and 2) my phone died... as in no response.. as in no instagramming my 1st day (Insert SAD FACE;)), PS- I bet this is a direct answer to prayer too about time management.....

that our amazing sitter Esther can help us out this week and come to our house... our kiddo's school pick ups and drop offs are intense and we are thankful for her help & love for our kids.

for safe arrival home for the honeymooning Love Birds. We missed them and it makes me smile in a huge way seeing Dustin with a R.I.N.G on his hand!! What !?!?!?!??!?! Praising God each day... Wow.... still slightly in shock... in a really good way :)

for a husband who is my biggest cheerleader. Man his texts make my day and his support at home {putting all the laundry away with the kids} while I get back to school clothes, made my DAY!

that Ray & my mom brought over our massive heavy dirty grill... labor of love... and it has been put to great use already :) Yay for no salmon in the house smell :)

for the cutest ombre skirt at Old Navy, I saw it 1st in Coral, then Olive and Navy... yes for 7.49 each, I bought all 3 :) Perfect price. Perfect length.

 after 8 years of teaching ... I finally get to embrace SmartBoard tech in my classroom :) 

 Class setup Part 1: Covered all the nasty old chalkboards & bulletin boards... it is SO fun to open all my teaching boxes again after 2 years...

Thankful for my girlie. 
 I needed to see this driving home my 1st day... after waiting seriously ALL day Thursday in the CPS staffing office for paperwork and the financial pieces etc.. I was 2nd guessing this "door" that I walked through for our family...  we have prayed very specifically.. God answered... and then I doubted... and then He answered again with John 3:16 in front of me for miles, in traffic.. His love is so great, and He wants our best... and I'm pretty sure this next step is for our best, as we serve Him
Pray for us over the next couple weeks as serious changes occur :) :) :)
 Hudson Frederick.

Brothers. Nothing better than snuggling during movie night :)

Happy Labor Day :)

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