Monday, August 17, 2015

Last week of summer

During this last official week of no school we are trying to embrace no schedule & just enjoy each other ... 1st stop : 7-11... the new slurpee flavors are delish :) 

simple breakfasts with my silly trio

real summer weather! Hooray for 90 degrees and sun this past for that intense heat happening during Harrison's 1st game {and he had to be there 2 hours before the game even started! 4 hours in 90 degrees made a VERY tired big H!}

a successful start for Harrison's new football team... first game was a loss... but it was really awesome seeing the team come together.

scoring a Barbie Dream House for 6.99! Sells new on Amazon for 199!

  meeting Kamila's dad, Ziggy. Although he speaks 99.9% Polish, we were still able to communicate somewhat, and it was adorable how Hudson, usually not a fan of strangers, goes up to him & starts pointing at trees and airplanes and babbling away to him & Ziggy seemed to understand . Maybe Hudson speaks Polish :) Maybe Ziggy speaks Hudson :)


that Hudson is now crib-less and we said goodbye to all things cribby ... its been 10 years of having someone in a crib... see ya later gater :)
 {After a few mornings of opening his door, to see him playing on the floor already, we decided he was trying to tell us 1- he's an expert climber and 2- that he is ready for a big boy bed. So for our kids, we make it simple. we take the crib mattress out, put it against a wall for support, and the other side is floor level anyways so if he was to roll off, he wouldn't get hurt. Hudson has an intense love for cars and trucks and will sleep with 2 stuffed Pluto dogs, 1 sheep or "Baa", and his entire car collection, especially the biggest hardest Tonka truck ever... yet he sleeps... nap time wasn't super easy initially, but bedtime has been fabulous {8-7}& we have faith that with consistency nap time will go smoother. He is the son after my own heart who loves pitch black and wakes at any sign of light. Like a peep of light shining through his black out curtains in the corner- he's up... so I will work on that this week & hopefully nap time will feel like midnight in there}

for memories. As we are trying to round up photos for a wedding DVD for dusty, it's been so neat to look back at our memories and to look at our life in pictures. My dad was so thorough and so organized and documented so many wonderful memories.

smiles & snuggles

for our anniversary this FRIDAY... 11 years!!!  {insert all the heart eye emoticons} Guys- lets get real- our marriage began as a 21 year old {me} super bratty, vain & retail therapy extraordinaire  and 25 year old {matt}.. simple small town Matt..., young, tan, fit, goo goo over each other- with literally NO care in the world about anything... just being together.... I am SO thankful that we started out simply... My dream date was to be at a gym. His was too. We met in Boston, as he was renting my childhood home from my dad, and was attending the church that we went to too... we laid on the hood of his ghetto o.l.d Toyota Cressida, and star gazed in the driveway on West Wyoming Ave,,, talking about Heaven,,, we knew we had something real... we knew that we were just meant for each other ...despite his empty wallet and my very high maintenance self ... from those 2 weeks in Melrose in 2002 to now 2015, we aren't as fit anymore, we are tan though, well he's red like a Maine Lobsta as of now, our wallets are still pretty empty, but our  love for our Lord has most definitely grown together. And I think that that's the most important piece of our marriage puzzle. Our hearts beat as one. And seriously that's a miracle.. It takes 2 to tango but some days I can tango with my selfish self and man, God is good. To still love me even when I am so un-loveable and don't show His love to those that matter most to me... God washes us with grace like every hour some days... the days of mourning after the loss of my dad...the days of stress during family heartbreak... the day when you  get a call that your brother in law's fiance overdosed leaving  their precious little girl motherless...  the joyful days when our son trusted Christ and the days of pregnancy {which I adore & miss, but am thankful for our trio and think that we are finito :)} the days when Matt works from home, and the kids attack him with hugs & nerf guns while his boss is emailing him -the corporate american stress is great & then Hudson drips Popsicle juice on our white couch and the mailman brings bills that we dont wanna see...and the car A/C breaks.... and this and that... you've been there...wheres the towel? Throw it in? Surrender to Satan and the attacks and the "norms" of our country? Not even a chance.. When my heart is overwhelmed...lead me to the Rock that is higher than I... through it all... the love that we have is not a tan & fit kinda love ... its the deep in your heart straight from Heaven love that connects and keeps us as one and we fight for our marriage & we kick Satan out A.L.O.T... and we pray that you fight for yours & give Satan the boot too :) XOXOXO

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