Monday, August 10, 2015

* 200th Post *

Thankful this week....

that we got a new car.... what happens when you brother works at a dealership & figures out great deals... and although I miss the extra space of our van for yard sale hauls, I am loving the MPG and the sportiness that a fun sedan provides...

that we  got to drive to MI to support friends during a time of loss.  I was saved during a meeting that Jim Smith was having back in MA, in 1989! Every time I saw him from that time on, I was always thankful for how God used him to speak to me, at the young age of 6! And now, he is in Heaven, healthy, renewed, rejoicing and able to look at the One he talked about, all the time!! What a very very neat thing to think about, right? That reunion day will be here before we know it! "even so come"

that he (jim smith), was married for 63 years... I love testimonies like that... love is not easy- relationships take time, they take work and sometimes hard convos, but I love that there were still LONG marriages... our society shows us - this is not the norm, but before God, it should be. Pray for marriages everywhere...

for endorphin's & the natural high they give

for early morning grocery shopping time... Kid free cart  & customer free store

to have survived another hudson haircut fiasco  ... Sigh...

for fresh summer fruit & veggies {current faves squash, berries & watermelon & farm fresh homemade strawberry rhubarb pie!}

for the republican GOP debate night  - I'm the furthest thing from politically minded as they come - but Trump is totally a crack up!

for preseason NFL

that my dad has enjoyed 7 years in Heaven {8.9.08}

 Coming back from Michigan


When the iPad dies... you play with toes... 

The cutest co-pilot ever :)

 She loves her zzz's 

 She is our Chips & Salsa lover 

Homemade pizza!!

New wheels :) 

Squished in uncle dustys car :)

Loved this.

Love our gym! If you want to go, google Lifetime Fitness... there may be one by you! You will L.O.V.E it...Saturday was Ariel at the Pool day, and facepainting :)

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