Monday, August 3, 2015

What a week! XO

Good Morning!
New week, new start, beginning of a new month, a busy, awesome month... let's do this together... with God's help :) If you are wanting an August Scripture plan... head over to for her awesome August plan. This week was an awesome God week... you have those too? I know every day and every week should reflect that, but sometimes I grow cold and thankless... and just carry on out of duty but miss the God Stuff... this week we were in tune... thankful that God never leaves even when I grow cold or distant...

Thankful this week for answers to financial prayers... praying very specifically is seriously so awesome. I am so thankful to see power in prayer. It felt like God was literally in our house on Friday & it was awesome!

Thankful for answered family prayers. This month is wedding month for my big bro, and with that comes Satan, who is wanting to destroy anyone's testimony and break apart our family who has been broken and mended so many times... so we kicked Satan out yesterday, and we all knew it was him and his fault and man, it felt good to stand strong in the Lord. No joke guys, if you are a believer, and things get crazy and ugly, it's noone's fault but the devils... kick him out... pray him out & move on!

Thankful for our zoo pass. Investing in memberships is ideal, and our zoo has a new section that is brand new, and we felt like we struck gold. Too much fun!!

Thankful that my hubby has been able to work from home 2 days a week as he strengthens from his ulcers and stomach pain.

Thankful that Dust got him a Porsche for his birthday weekend. He really really really enjoyed it!!
 {I did too, but man, that car goes fast, and it's REAL life, not a race car video game.... yikes... I had to try extra hard to be joyful going 90... I am not so young and carefree as before... sigh...}

Thankful for a christian babysitter, who we trust and has endless patience with our 3 silly kiddos, and who is available super last minute

Thankful to see our young people leave to attend a Seed Sower event... how awesome that teens want to use a week out of their summer to mingle with other Christians and to serve the Lord. Love it!

Thankful for visitors at our worship gathering, who gave very very blunt, needed ministry. You know that time when you can hear a pin drop? That time when you know he is talking straight at you and your heart stops because you have been praying for that specific need or situation? Yeah. That. Powerful stuff. Also equally amazing, was the fact that our squirmy Hudbud was still and on my lap for that entire message, allowing me to literally soak That was a God thing!!

Thankful that Harrison's new football league has been a success. We love the coaches and the organization compared to last year's league. He has been getting sick workouts every night at practice! 2.5 hours!

Thankful that Harrison can meet new friends, so fast. He knew no one on his team, he walks up, they're playing catch, he joins, he catches the ball & makes a touchdown. I literally just melted inside. He has courage to join in. He has the ability to play and play well. He has the kindness that makes him stand out & he listens to his coaches. I appreciate this boy to no end and am praying that he adapts as successfully to his new 5th grade class in a few weeks, too.

 Porsche rides :) 

Oh how we LOVE this city!!!!

 Happy 36th to my dearest bestie!!! 

 Best news ever thanks to Shape Magazine

 Zoo date 

 This is the new spot... Hudson is sooo all about the Hands on stuff... loved his interaction with the goats.. sooo cute.


 {He is now a Pioneer, not Stars, but we needed a practice jersey :)}

 Look at these faces. XO

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