Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grateful...Thankful...Blessed...WA Part 5

Hi friends!
We are in a new part of WA- Moses Lake- we are really getting to know some VERY scenic places. The mountains here are GORGEOUS- they are distant but on clear days, the snow capped peaks are just breathtaking!
During this week- we have had many reminders of God's goodness!
( I am so off in my numbering, but from a couple posts ago I think I was on thankful item 280... so will go from here - almost to 1,000 - for more on this idea, google Ann Voskamp, & be prepared to be inspired :))
281- Thankful for Hannah(our almost 3yr old! cant believe her bday is just in 1 week!) wanting her bedtime lullabye to be Con Que Pagaremos... melts our hearts, because as a baby, as were learning Spanish, this was the best song, and the best way to practice espanol :) Here is the link I hope it works.
282- Thankful for our good friends, the Kazens, who had adopted us all week so Matt could work and use wifi. The meals, chats, laughs & yard sales together have been a blast!
283- Quinn. Harrison's new BFF here in WA. So awesome to have Christian friends for our kids!
284- Continued confirmation from Above, on future plans.
285- YARD SALES :) One massive community sale this past weekend, meant I scored 14 white 1 inch binders for 10cents each :) Plus 100 page protectors for free! (I will need 26 of those binders for our preschool curriculum, PLUS one per each student as a scrapbook, so yeah,,, I was excited for the deal!)
286- Alpha Omega's Switched On Schoolhouse Christian Curriculum! That will be how Harrison will learn his 3rd grade "stuff"!
287-thankful that my aunt works for CBD, and let me know about the Alpha Omega sale!
288-Drooly Smiles from Hudson, who is almost 4 months and loves his borrowed Bumbo seat
289- "Jesus Calling" Devotional for Kids
290- Nordstrom Rack :) I needed running shoes if we were going to stay here longer...and a month longer is a LONG time to stay almost motionless :) Let the trails beware, this mama is back :)

What have you been thankful for this week? The list of blessings will amaze you and draw you closer to the Almighty. It sure has done that for us! We are SO undeserving!! Just this trip,... the add on part, of rebooking for pennies, then staying at our friends house at night- someone who isn't even home- we just have full access to make it be like our home, which for us with kids, REALLY is helpful, hanging out at another friends house all day bc they have an unused home office and wifi and amazing kid gear and amazing kids! & using someone's vehicle the whole time... none of this could EVER be possible if we weren't part of God's family. All of this shows us the sacrifice others are willing to take for outreach work, How humbling. How amazing. Let us all be reminded to show His love to others. Because by this, others know we are His!

Update: Tomorrow begins Moses Lake's 1st week of VBS, which is easy, because its a re-run of Moses, just like in Okanogan, so tomorrow I will be Jochabed(Moses'mom) again & Hudson will be Moses, and Matt will be Amram for a little bit, then he turns into Moses for the rest of the week :) There are about 20 teens here, plus us, the Hoys & Bryan Joyce. There is breakfast together, prayer together, then VBs, then lunch, then bible study, then free time ( naps for our littles), then supper, prayer meeting and g-meeting then hang time together. Pray for a great turnout at VBS! Normally they have about 100 kids each day. Pray for that again & more :)
Pic upload soon :)

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