Monday, July 22, 2013


Multitude Monday continues :)
291- Hannah! Today our  beautiful, determined, independent princess turns 3!!
292- Our teen group at VBS. Matt has the guys and I have the girls, and we are loving every second of it! Its amazing to hear what is going on in their lives ( scary too, as the world is getting more evil as the days go by...and some stories are heart breaking)
293-Hudson's happy personality is such a blessing. He is showing his Hebert side with loud shrieks of joy. He is a roller now and L.O.V.E.S mirrors :)
294- the awesome teen helpers here at camp, who know how to do all sorts of fun pintresty hair dos on me...and who are always wanting to help with Hannah & Hudson.
295- Coffee
296-Harrison's love for adventure. His new hobby here is catching bees. There is an INSANE amount here! Mama no likey- but Harrison loves catching them and putting them in his bug house and then....freezing them.
297-Washington sunsets at 9pm.
298-campgrounds with wifi
299- Morning bible studies...this week's have been in Ephesians.
300-the new songs that VBS has been teaching our family....hearing our kids making a truly joyful noise unto the Lord, with fun creative songs is heart warming :)
Our fave is:
I love Him better every D-A-Y
I love Him better every D-A-Y
Close by His S-I-D-E
I will A-B-I-D-E
I love Him better every D-A-Y

*VBS update: This is our 2nd week- which begins a new theme. Its a space theme with different missions each day. Today there were 70 kiddos there, which is a significant decrease, but there were 3 new girls that we picked up today, pray for them. Met their mom and wow, homelife is so hard core- yet you would NEVER know. The girls are sweet as can be & happy and care free. Pray that they will be saved during VBS & have Eternal bliss to look forward to!


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