Saturday, July 20, 2013

Captured Memories

 Dennis & Donna Lynn :)
 Us :)

Tadpole Dude
 Tadpole Dudette
Moses Lake


 Pharaoh & His Army :)

Moses and his people

Our group: the teens!

 Summer Falls!

Bitten by the fiery serpents

real snakes


We love Josh!

Some of the kiddos

Theanna the hair lady

Out and about at Moses Lake's Farmers Market

Swimming at Summer Falls

Zoomed in = Matt plunging down from the cliff. Wow.

 Dance party in the truck on the way back


Hudson loving his bunkbed

Thea & Nay

(This was pre-Moses Lake at Kazens :))

No more bubble under Hudson's tongue!! Yay

Strummin with amazzziing singer and guitarist Amanda Hale

Let brotherly love continue :)

Morning walk to the sheep show, new jogger! Love that Moses Lake has the cheapest kiddie consignment store ever!!

Birthday Buddies!! Monday is Hannahs 3rd & Tom's 29th! :)

Mac n Cheese for breakfast? Yes please! 6gr of protein woot woot! (don't check the chemicals or sodium :))

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