Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last week of no routines and back to school!!

Thankful this week that we enjoyed fun family time- gym- pool- late nights- lots of olympics & Playstation.

Thankful that we got to enjoy a lunch date with good friends whom we haven't connected with in years!

Thankful for continued blessing at Pacific Garden Mission & deepened relationships.

Thankful that we got to celebrate David and Yadira's wedding {David works at PGM and is ready to rebuild his life, and he and Yadira, with the help of the Lord, are ready to embark as one!! It was a totally new to us kinda wedding, and so we took lots of selfies. The bride was 25 minutes late, so we just sat and self-ied and waited :)}

Thankful for soccer beginning for Harrison .. this is a new to him sport, but we agreed we needed a change from the crazy coaching and intense football vibe... so far we love the soccer vibe :)
{ Soccer cleats are seriously the coolest. Such a hard choice... but we are loving the orange metallic }

Thankful for gymnastics going great for Hannah banana.

Thankful for our 12 year anniversary.

Thankful for this squishable always on the move dude.

Thankful to have found a healthier and seriously AMAZINGLY tasty ice cream 

 we love Mint Chip & Birthday Cake

Thankful that we rent our home. Noone wants to look at water damage and leaks on a Friday...but the ease of calling our amazing fix it manager dude, was GREAT!! Now we have 2 squares cut out as we wait for that ceiling to dry. But hooray for no money or work to upkeep!

Wedding selfie .... hooray for a sunny wedding saturday!!

  Let the selfies begin :)

Loved this verse, at just the right back to school time. 
Excited for our kid's new year full of change and adventure
 ( Hannah is in 1st grade which means school ALL DAY!! and Harrison is in middle school, which is a change of location. Loving that he will connect with all his pals from both elementary schools that he attended, but the hour earlier drop off is a bit intense! )

 Thankful to have had a wonderful last hoorah before kiddies began school .... celebrating the 4 summer Hill-Hebert birthdays ... Harrison's was on 6/23, Mila's was 6/29 (I think!), Hannah's was 7/22 and Matts was 8/1. Hudson's was in March, but clearly Mimi and Auntie needed to spoil him with a couple special gifts too :)

Back to School!!!!!! 

 I looooove this. So, we read the wrong date by accident at breakfast on their 1st day of school, we were off a day, but God knew this momma heart needed a teeny bit of reassurance... and gave the reminder of Abraham and Isaac and how the Lord took care of Abraham's only son! "Trust me to take care of your loved ones. They are safe with me. My Presence never leaves them- just as I never leave you" (Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids, Aug 23).

THIS. Ok, so my crazy to decorate self has wanted in my classroom since we got home from vacay, and once all my Amazon items came, my car has been literally stuffed. Love how God literally has to use the playground remodel project to force me to relax and be content with a stuffed car, but at home with the tribe. Behind that boarded up wall, are 4 classrooms, and the door to the playground. 
(PS I am BEYOND Thrilled that our amazing Principal's grant for a new playground got funded and is in motion! Will keep updates coming as they happen.)

When the kids are away... and Hudson's napping... we enjoy a lunch date at the casa


Hudson is ready for that bus to come!! The Paw Patrol backpack might have been kinda hard for me to buy.... not into character bags at all!?! My kids have been fine without ;) But for this guy. The puppy love ... was real... and man I think we turn to mush with our baby...

 AHHH the BUS!!!

 Hudson is one of 5 kiddos on this bus. Miss Eileen apparently is amazing and sings the whole way to school :)

Because he did so well day 1, and because we need a way to simplify the 3 different pickups at dismissal he is the lucky duck that rides the bus BOTH WAYS!! 

Now to fill those lunch boxes and begin my new Lysa book "Uninvited"
  ( Because kids are up at 6:45... bedtime is nutso early ... 7pm for little man, and 745-8 for older ones, as you can imagine our middle schooler is DEF balking at this one... sighhhh... but we do know best big dude . Prayers appreciated :)

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  1. 1-Happy Belated Anniversary! 12 years...so crazy how fast time goes by.
    2- "Give Your Loved Ones To Me"...oh my, how perfect for back to school time.
    3- I cannot wait to see your classroom. ;)
    4- Way to branch out and let Hudson have the Paw Patrol backpack. I'm totally with you on the whole character clothing business....but sometimes, we just gotta give in and make them crazy happy. :) He looks adorable.