Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Thankful for a great dreamer.

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Thankful for the Pats moving on! Image result for patriots win

Thankful for Harrison rocking his "Book Talk". I think these projects test the parents abilities more than the kids ;) Planning, reading, speech prep, bag decorating & prop finding was homework for all of us & I was proud of what a planner Big H was. He has learned to not procrastinate & his grade reflected that. His energy for his speech and his "hook" for the audience cracked us up.

Thankful that Hannah is learning how to decode sight words. Hearing her read those sweet take home readers is wonderful.

Thankful for Starfall! This website is any teacher's dream, but also so helpful for my own kids! {Somehow I find fun strategies to use in my classroom but I totally don't bring those ideas home?! But this week Hannah was on starfall each night & the reading is more like a game than a chore & she was LOVING it :)}

Thankful for staying warm despite these frozen temps.

Thankful for my mom dropping by with fresh outta the oven pumpkin bread! Pumpkin anything is my love language!

Thankful for a fun recipe of snow dough. Yes it's very messy, but the 2 ingredients of corn starch and shaving cream are washable :) I used this for a science experiment on day 1, then had it in my free choice area for the rest of the week. We have cars in the box too & yay for imaginations of snow buried cars and car washes :)

Thankful for Susanna who was brave enough to take care of our trio, so Matt's great brainstorm of a city date could actually happen!
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Thankful for a fun adventure of trying new eateries (and staying somewhat Whole30 Compliant!)
Indian buffet for lunch, their curried veggies were ahhmazing, but holy heart burn!
Yuzu sushi for supper. Best.Sushi.Yet. Very impressed by the urban, romantic vibe, the crazy music & the amazing quality of the fish. We most definitely did a cheat treat with "lands end" sundae by Ghiradelli. Eating this monster on the window seat of our fave hotel ever "Hotel Monaco", overlooking the frosted city, was the best ending to a great day :)
Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill

Thankful for a 4 day work week!! 

Have a great Tuesday friends :) XO

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