Monday, October 19, 2015

Multitude Monday: Oct 19

Thankful for a night of singing! Our good friends are very musically talented and shared their love of singing with us. A few of us got together and learned our parts on a couple hymns. It was way outta our comfort zone - but such an encouraging & fun way to spend a Saturday night.

Thankful for Teachers Pay Teachers website. The amount of free printables is amazing & overwhelming & I have found so many fun October activities. This week is Spider wrap up & beginning  of our Pumpkins unit.

Thankful for the quickest apple & pumpkin picking farm day. We came. We saw. We conquered. We escaped all the bees ( and fresh cider donuts- WAY too many bees by them. For real guys. Those bees are ruthless & I'm a scardy cat) Kids left thrilled. Our apples were so huge, so juicy & so fresh. Because it was 40 degrees, no one was there! So that was also a super perk :)

Thankful for my principal and assistant principal. They are awesome. They are approachable. They understand. They help. They are UBER stylish ( seriously a 6 ft 7 guy, trying to "criss cross appleasauce" on my reading carpet :) :)  with all the kids swarming him.. in a suit but with bright pink Nikes) My assistant principal has the best style ever along with a great personality & has been a continual support during my transition to an inner city school.

Thankful for Harrison's 1st trumpet concert. This boy blows us away. He is such a blessing. I admire all the new things he tries fearlessly. We are still trying to adjust to trumpet practicing in our small house ;)

Thankful for it being my dad's birthday week, but instead of us scrambling last minute to find the gift for someone who was the hardest person shop for, or finding the perfect carrot cake for his birthday supper dessert, we miss him with both aching and rejoicing. So thankful he has had 7 heavenly birthdays- clearly far better than any bash here & although I seriously  miss that gift hunt & finding a super cool card for him... I just focus on the excitement of a heavenly birthday bash someday... when I go too... Do you ever wonder if there will be birthdays in Heaven? I think there wont be any- since we aren't in yearly time anymore- but man I love birthdays and all the celebrations that come with.. I'm sure our celebrations in Heaven will trump any birthday- even the best of them...

Thankful for social media and the encouragement that it can bring.

Thankful for Matt sharing his thoughts on his study in Hosea. I think that is a book I have skipped almost entirely!?! Have you read through it lately? The beauty of redemption, forgiveness, true love & giving all... in one book.

Thankful that our cross country season is nearing an end! Although I love building relationships with the older crew & training with them, and watching them win 1st place!!!! AHH!!! The time... it's all about time... and that my friends is something  I am working hard at prioritizing and reclaiming. Do you feel that you give your time away too much & are left stretched too thin?

 This. Thankful for Dave Ramsey and not only his great financial advice- but this quote too... Love...

Have a great week :) XO


  1. So fun to think of heaven's celebrations, especially for us celebration-lovin girls! ;) Thinking of you this week! xoxo