Monday, October 12, 2015

Multitude Monday: Oct 12

Thankful  this week for....

a three day weekend! truly a time much needed to relax & rejoice in my family. I needed every bit of this down time to fully recharge my teaching heart & I feel ready for tomorrow! 4 day week. With payday Friday. Columbus activities and SPIDER week. It will ROCK :) I love teaching in the fall. Each week has super fun things planned & I will manage my expectations... as long as we can make spider hats Friday, I'm all good ;) They are SOO cute!!

a supportive hubby whose heart aches with mine over the stresses at work. I have a hard hard time leaving work at work- but I love that Matt listens and empathizes and tries to work on ways to help.

Hudson saying Mimi and Memere and.... MAMA!!! Yes, he must have just hit the M button this week... pretty exciting :)

Even with that progress... we are excited to hear that Hudson does qualify for Speech. A therapist will come to our home once a week, beginning in 3 weeks or so. They evaluated him at about an 18 month old's vocab, which we totally agreed with...although we love seeing him improve in just hours- already learned Hi and Buh Bye. Big sisters make pretty fun teachers :) Praying that the speech therapist will be patient and exciting & that he will catch up from having his ranula issue fast & will be on track in the fall for PreK! The developmental eval gave him thumbs up & although he is "self directed" aka not a good listener, there is still hope ;) In our eyes....He's perfect. The "Hudson" language is adorable ... but I keep forgetting he is almost 3! The baby of the family for sure is getting babied! Yikes! I always said I would never be "that mom!" Never say never ;) So I am thankful that early intervention is available.

our gym. Sad to see all the outside chaise lounges stacked up already for winter.. but love the indoor pool & the fact our kids can splash every day no matter what our crazy bipolar chicago weather brings!

Sunday special time.... included: afternoon naps, football, soccer & cheerleading award ceremony, Uncle Dusty & Auntie Mila time

Olive Garden. Those bread sticks do nothing positive for my December Florida body however ; /

the Cubs making it to the World Series #flythatW

free coffee all week long at 7-11 with their app... its not Dunkin... but it's Free :)

getting news that our dishwasher motor arrived and can be fixed Thursday. Moms, you know this is a HUGE deal ;) I am a dish scrubbing robot it feels like! Nonstop scrubbing.  Then non stop drying & yes our sweet kids love "helping" with this, but the safest, most effective way is for me or dad to clean... or else we may get some left over ketchup dried plate surprises when we open the cupboard ;) EWWW :)

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