Monday, July 18, 2016


Our week in Jersey!!
From the statue to times square... and all the real life moments in between... we have been blessed way more than we could imagine.. even in the times when my structured day falls apart and plans pop up super last minute... Grace reigns... and is so necessary.... thankful for Amazing Grace that continues to work on me...

Thankful for a fun, safe trek to see the statue.

Thankful for finally remembering to get back on track with my scripture plan.

Thankful for a GREAT day at Times Square ... So... Much... To.. See!
 (Love that our kids arent huge chocolate lovers, so just taking pictures and exploring here, made their day!)

 Somehow these peas made Hannah's heart so happy. We don't even remember what part of Toy Story they're from!? But, they are adorable and she is their Momma Pea, and lovin' it 

 During Dad's study time...we bounce.. so park and ice cream were in order 

Thankful for Dave's daily Dunkin stops for us... Iced coffees come outta nowhere! Love it :)

 Movie date to see Secret Life of Pets.... but 1st this play zone at the mall... 

 A forced pic at Max Brenners :)

Saturday: shore day, we were invited to the zuidema's beach house for the day... and then we got to encourage Josh and Drew during their open air English and Spanish meeting. 

 Me in my very happy place..

 Sippy and Sand.


 Headed for a drive just to have kids nap.... Success!

 Back at the house ready for a rainy stroll to the Candy Store and Ice Cream parlor!

 In that copper bus are the BEACH BOYS! 

 Josh's set up for his open air meetings

 Josh's audience :) We loved singing together!

 Another meeting!? On a saturday!? What!? :)

 We love Joy! She is amazing and was the nursery keeper this Sunday.... they had so much fun.. and I super appreciated a totally distraction free worship meeting.

 Sunday night ... rosy cheeked and ready for meeting

 After meeting Ping Pong tourney

 Mondays are for laundry, regrouping & feeding bunnies 

We went to a burial Mrs. Carmicheal's sister in law. It was a small gathering, and we were glad to able to support, even though before we left for it, we kinda were grumbling- after all it is during naptime and it's 93 degrees.... but dress shirt tie and the whole nine yards happened anyways... and there we go.. the message spoken on was in Rev 22: 1-7. I really appreciated how Mr. Carmicheal applied it... and it was encouraging... funny what God uses to encourage... with sweat dripping down us... and Hudson digging by someone else's grave... we sang and heard and prayed together with a grieving family and we were encouraged... love it... Then we got to visit Sweet Olivia's grave...

Dave cleaning it off...

{Meeting updates: Last night the tent was brimming with an amazingly attentive crowd.  God gave Matt help to share his conversion, and Dave shared about the thief's conversion. It was powerful. The meetings continue this week, and prayers are super appreciated. Not only have they both been given help to preach the word, they do a great job at time managing - finding quiet time (hard to come by!) to study and get their thoughts ready while juggling a lot... is impressive.
 The kiddos have been awesome. haven't had to leave the meetings ever due to behavior... but then again I am "that" mom in the last row, that allows for a construction site to be erected in the dirt pile by the seat.... so Hudson leaves looking like Harry the Dirty Dog each night... but is silent all meeting so #momwin. 
Also to encourage you momma's ....and dads too- kids watch your actions.
 Like we totally knew this.... but we forget. 
Every night after meeting Hudson "preaches" at the platform. 
Almost identical hand motions to Matt. 
Seriously too cute.

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