Friday, May 1, 2015

Multitudes in May

Thankful for Big H. He is one of a kind. He came home one day, and said Mom I have good news. The girl of my dreams came up to me at recess & said I like you. (And then she ran away).
Young dreams. Too sweet. Made me reflect on my kindergarten sweetheart.
We did chat about reality though and the fact that he is only 9 - and although its adorable & fun, she will most probably tell other boys the same thing... and so he knows he has to be tough... but is enjoying it for now ;)

 (Here are some more pics from last Sunday's White Sox experience)


Kamilla & Big H : new hat courtesy of Uncle Dusty

Thankful that after 20 months, we no longer pay Public Storage on the 1st of every month, HALLELUJAH.

Thankful to have learned a hard, pricey lesson, that things in storage get moldy & smell funky & that all our "stuff" is just stuff & more than 50% of it was donated or trashed. 

Thankful for oreos, a nice way to bribe 3 kids to be my "helpers" at storage for 3 straight days. Back & forth, unload, reload, drive... repeat..repeat...repeat...repeat.. you get the idea ;)

 Thankful for Tide & baths!

 Thankful for our trash man who so kindly loaded all our junk into his truck...he made it look so easy!

 1/2 of our organized "stuff" 

Thankful to have remembered that a family I nannied for, labeled their tubs with a letter and then recorded what stuff was in that letter tub, in a notebook.,., seemed smarter than labeling it Kids room and Bathroom etc... more user friendly for next time perhaps... and yay for Rubber Maid tubs. We learned these worked WAY better than boxes...

Stuff for a garage sale, & then I got smart & donated it all. No headache for my weekend & I got oodles of 30% off coupons to Savers!!!
*Not the cool bike, that's a keeper :)*

Thankful for baseball season. I love that it gets our family outdoors, for hours at a time. It was mighty chilly last night, but we survived.

Thankful for a way to finally get my vitamins! Yay for a yummy drinkable version. #Costco

Thankful for another long  term sub job, in the same district, different school, as my last gig! Also 5th grade, Seems like 5th grade may be my new calling? Excited for 1st day on Monday! :)

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